Bringing plant from outdoors to indoors

Hi. My name is sashasrs and my plant has been outdoors since the first week of germination. She is Starting to smell, and she is growing high . The plant is 5 weeks old, and I’m keeping her outside through August. How do I make the transition from the outdoors?

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Welcome to ilgm! I don’t have the answer but I wanted to follow along so I thought I’d leave a reply.

Welcome to the forum @Sashasrs1 !!! Since she is hardened off to the sun and outdoors she shouldn’t miss a beat. The only problem is potentially bringing pests into your house. And if you have an indoor garden going, it could contaminate your tent or room. What light are you planning on using for inside? Do you already have a setup?


Your pot looks small is it a 5gal?
Before bring it inside spray with neem oil for prevention.
Nice work.

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Thank you

Hi. I just bought a Mylar grow space. 36x36x72. I’m hoping it’s tall enough. The light is the picture I’m sending you.

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Well good thing your only doing the one plant. That’s about as much as that light can flower decently.

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Been lurking and learning here awhile, signed up to ask a few questions.

I won a couple CBD buds on twitter last year, totally random. It was a Charlotte’s Web variety they called R5, and there were a couple seeds in the buds. Planted for fun to see if they would germinate, long story short, I have about a 5-foot beautiful plant that is about halfway or 2/3rds into flowering. It has been grown in a 6-gallon pot, outdoors from the beginning. I am so close to the finish line, and we have Hurricane Laura incoming.

What is my best course of action at this point; bringing them inside for several days placing them by a window (I have no lights) and then returning them to finish outside, or can I get a light and finish it off indoors for a few more weeks? I live in a hot and humid spot on the Gulf Coast, so not sure if there will be an environmental shock to the plant to go from 90 degree temps and high humidity, to mid 70’s and much dryer, and back out into heat in several days. She is a beaut, and has no issues at this point.

Thanks for any help.