Breeding and learning

I am on my third successful indoor grow and have been looking and thinking about crossing some strains I have and making my own unique genetics. Now from what I can tell it looks like you cross an autoflower with a standard photo and the first gen of seeds will be quarter autoflower. If I start out with a hermie standard photo to accumulate the pollen and then pollinate the autoflower where would that leave me on the first generation of seeds? Basically I’m asking if I start with a hermied standard photo and get the pollen will that start me off a little further down the genetic line or will I still end up with approximately 25% autoflower?
I’m trying to create my own jeans to get a better starting point in the medical field in my state

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You don’t want to deal with hermies.

Learn about sodium thiosulfate or colloidal silver. Either of these molecules will force a female plant to produce male flowers. The pollen from the male flowers is used to pollinate the plant you wish to breed.


Ok I secondary condition for me asking that specifically is because I had an accidental cut not paying attention an cut an early shoot from one of my current girls and cloned it. But the mother was in flower stage already and with the irratic light it has been seeing I assume hermie once the clone takes.