Branches dying please help

Can someone please tell me why random branches on different plants are slowly dying. Plants are outside

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Is it killing the branch or not if its killing the branch could be a cut worm

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Are those visible on the plant ?
I’ve been lucky so far this year but there’s still a long ways to go. Seems to start as yellowing of leaves then base of branches turn mushy the trunk seems moist. Haven’t seen any pests yet.

Are you growing outside my friend

Cut worms are at bass of the plant most of the time right under surface. the one picture looks like branch broken off and healed back

i agree, it looks like a healing knot

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it looks like a branch broke in a bad way and it healed, although if you look at the last picture, that white ring is usually fungal.

it seems to me like you have a fungal problem, the white ring on the last pic and based on this description. too much water maybe, not enough oxygen at the roots. can you upload pics of the base of the plant?