Boveda products

Anyone have experience with Boveda humidifier/dehumidifier products? Are they worth buying?

they work quite well for controlled drying and that baggy that is just too dry


@Donaldj So… It sounds like workable for small items and not small grow tents?

I have used them in jars and cigar humidor, they work pretty well. Wouldn’t expect them to control a tent though.

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I had just got some and tested them, well only the 49% I do have the 58%.
I had got some old Dried Meds and put one in it for 36 hours and it was like new.

I love them so fair will do more testing.

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There was some odd flavor but I think it was the old Meds. it was about 3 years old and so dry it would turn to dust.

I use them when I cure and then storage. I love them

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Can’t beat’em!!!