Boveda packs not working, help!

Hope I’m not too late. My flower took only 3 days to dry with a wet trim. The RH in my basement is around 30-45% so i had the humidifier on outside my tent so the plants weren’t getting direct humidity and it kept it right at a steady 55% and 70 degrees inside the tent.

I put them in 3 16 oz mason jars 4 days ago with a 62% Boveda pack and a very cheap Amazon hygrometer in each. I had to leave for a few days but told my roommate to check the humidity and make sure its near 62% and burp it a few times a day.

I got back today and found out its been at 55% every since i left. He thought it was near enough to 62%. I can’t blame him, I technically didn’t tell him how near lmao! I placed a second Boveda pack in and its been 8 hours now and still no changes. I tried putting in my inkbird humidity control sensor, thinking maybe it was the cheap hygrometers and shut the lid on it and a minute later it dropped down to read 53% also

The buds still have an earthy, plant smell with just a hint of skunkiness. I don’t know what hay smells like so i can;t tell you if it smells like hay :stuck_out_tongue: The buds do feel like they have moisture in them but when i take a small piece out it dries to a crisp within a half hour.

What can i do or am i screwed? Thanks

Temperature in the cabinet i have them in is 68 degrees.

I read about putting an apple slice in or an orange peel. Thoughts?


Try another pack maybe, I personally like mine at 55-58 I dont use the 62% packs… too moist for my liking, but that’s me…:laughing:


Don’t use boveda packs during cure.

Are you sure of your hygrometer?

If they’re too dry you can add a few fan leaves from a current grow to the jar. They’ll add humidity without adding “off” scents.


Dryer is better than wetter.

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Normally you wouldn’t use a Boveda pack during cure, but it can be used to rehydrate in a pinch. The problem is, it will do it very slowly. In your particular case it may take close to a week.
I have tried lots of other methods, like orange peels and a wet piece of bread. Bread actually works a little too well, as it just exudes moisture like crazy (too fast).
Not that you have to do it this way, but I thought I would share the method I eventually settled on. It works very well and at a speed (about 1-2% humidity every 6 hours) I feel comfortable with.
I simply place a couple of shot glasses or wine glasses in a plastic container and put water in them. I put the bud and a hygrometer in the container. Then, I put a sealed lid on it and put it in a dark place, then check it every 6-12 hours, depending on how far it still needs to go.

The absorption rate seems to be just right with this method. When the hygrometer reads the percentage I want, I put the bud back in the jar, check it the next day and it is still at the same percentage.


@TommyBahama Aewsome! So taking from your idea i got one of my own lol, great one btw thanks ill probably try that method if i have a bigger yield next round :stuck_out_tongue: i placed a damp paper towel over each jar and closed the lid. Went to take a 20 min shower and came back, 1 is at 62%, 2 are at 64% and ones at 66%. I let those 3 get down to 62 and they seem to be staying steady! Thanks once again everyone i will be back xD

I’m no expert by any means but I have 6 seasons under my belt, and first off I dry mine for 10-14 days before I trim them up. I then put them in 32oz jars about 3/4 full with a 62% pack in with it and put them in a cool dark place and leave them alone because it’s just for me, my meds. By the time I get to the last couple of jars, they are perfect for me and have been in jars for months, but to each his/her own. I love them and have never had any issues with them, if fact I will not jar them without them. I don’t even burp them. Never any issues, knock on wood. Maybe try two packs.


Howdy so does there need to me much head room for them to work properly? I bought the Size 8 for 1 ounce and stuff an ounce into quart sized jars. Some are pretty full.