Boron def? - 3 weeks into flower

Leaves at top suddenly developing what looks like it may be a boron def? Indoor, happy frog (low pH - been fighting that), 70-77 degrees, 2 hlg lights, one 260 rspec one 300 rspec - about 13 inches on 75-80% power, fox farm feeding schedule, just did 2nd flush yesterday.

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They look a little light of nitrogen etc, but that was probably from the flush. Do your lights need dimming? Ph Up as it looks like your flushing all the nutes out of the soil

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Will likely do a bit of boomerang next watering. pH up only goes so far, i have a ton of dolimate lime as top dressing from trying to get the pH up from 4.8… raised the lights to try and see if that is from a burn, know 13 inches is kinda tempting fate… I did replenish the nutes after the flush (using fox farm feeding schedule), may have just done too much of a flush. Thankfully its isolated to this one so far!

Thanks for the reply! Wonder if ive manged to get the pH too high from the flush loosening the lime…?

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:point_up_2: pheno expression/fall colors coming out :love_you_gesture:. Lighting at 13”/75% what’s the DLI/PPFD. I run similar HLGs but not at this height and intensity. Do you have run off PH and PPMS :love_you_gesture:


So much worse this morning, about to put some nutes back in again, and will pull pH.


Those are fall colors coming out Growmie and nothing you’ve done wrong…She’s expressing colors. I feed at 1000 PPMs basically the full grow and soil PH at 6.5, coco 5.8 :love_you_gesture:


Fingers crossed, raised lights and dropped intensity to be safe. Ph still an issue - in at 6.32 out at 5.07 - forgot to mix in the dolomite lime when transplanting, and have been fighting it ever since - even held veg a couple extra weeks…


On your next watering or feeding go in at a PH of 7.0 to help that get back in range. Look into the phone app called PHOTONE for setting your light. Here is one I grew that expressed some colors :love_you_gesture:


I was just about to ask for some suggestion on a meter to measure light - i was on a budget a few years ago on set up, splurged on lights and tent, then just got apera pH meter and called it a day - had to promise the gf not to go overboard lol… need a ppm meter at this point as well, been lucky the last couple years. Was not the holiday present i expected this morning lol!!

Beautiful colors on yours btw - looks amazing!

Thanks everyone, again, for calming me down here!!

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I’ve been using the app for almost 2!years and it’s very reliable. The Apera 20 PH is a little gem and has far been the best PH pen I’ve had. I use the Blue Lab TDS pen and fairly inexpensive, simple and reliable :love_you_gesture:


I don’t know, but I can tell you that your early enough in flower that you could pull them and retransplant into good already pH’d soil. Beats the yo yo


Not to contradict you Growmie but that’s extremely risky move at 4 weeks in flower. Final transplants are done before the 12/12 flower cycle :love_you_gesture:

Today is not looking good, curled up and getting crunchy… showing similar issue on a second. Shouldnt have flushed… any ides what this may be???

Yeah, maybe so, but I’ve done it when all else fails, if anything it stalled my harvest a couple weeks. Two extra weeks beats a yo yo that sometimes you just can’t figure out.

That low PH is preventing nutrient absorption and a flush is your only option to reset that. If you haven’t fed and watered to run off using the FF nutrients you probably have a salt build up in the root zone that crashed your PH :love_you_gesture:

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Here in lies the issue. Flushing in Coco is nothing but a thing, but the last thing a organic soil grower wants to do, is to flush those precious nutes out of the soil they spent extra money to put the nutes in. I have seen Coco growers on here many times saying flush, flush but by doing so many of the growers seeking advice cause more problems than they originally had. He said third week of flower, looked more like two to me.

The solution is to find out what’s causing the PH drop and ability to reset. With that being said I have to ask the OP has he been spraying anything that alters the pH to say kill Spider Mites? As that’s the only time I’ve seen soil drop to a low pH and nothing would bring it back up in time. If the soil has been altered beyond a couple week repair then changing the soil maybe the only solution.

Speaking as a 30 plus year soil grower, we only flush, if at all, a couple weeks before harvest.

Has baking soda or anything else the OP can think of been sprayed or watered upon the plant?

Personally I would try a couple of foliar feeds at the correct pH before I did anything else. If salt buildup is the problem a product like Athena cleanse will remove excess salt quicker than three dozen flushes. Best of luck to the OP.

:point_up_2: fairly certain these are salt based nutrients negating the organics mentioned. Just my opinion. I’ve used FF nutrients (trio) and they recommend a routine flush, this can be avoided with feeding or watering to ample run off which doesn’t go with organic medium of only keeping it damp :love_you_gesture:

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Its week 3.5 regardless based on flip date… sure my 3rd grow may not be as impressive as more experienced and refined growers - why i come here to get help and look forward to the time i can supply answers and some help!!

Yea, fox farm feeding - full regiment of nutes put back in after flush. Found several posts where sledgehammer has done this. Ive not had the issue before in past 3 grows. pH is a constant issue with happy frog if you do not mix in lime at initial transplant. I generally feed till there is some run off to check on pH. I literally can put it in at a pH of 10 and it comes out at 4.98, same for 7 or 6.5 - ive only added lime to the soil, which the pH has slowly gone up from.first pH test. May attempt a foilar spray but am iffy on causing mold on flowers.

Oddly 1 is perfect and shows no issues whatsoever, and has the lowest pH of the 4 plants… received the exact same treatment at the exact same time as the one in the pics.

Downloaded the photone app, so big thanks on that!!

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Also only at the top leaves, the lower ones look great!

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Fox farm is tough. Fix that PH.

Pre buffer your coco or whatever with lime next go around.

That 260 is fine. I have 3 of them. In flower run it at 100% 24inches high