Boosting trichs?

I have two WWA from ILGM. They are both at aprox 100 days since pop. I put them at about week 5 flwr. 20191229_092837|375x500

The plants look good nice buds dence but not as much amber i would like. But at over a 100 days they should be done right? Can i boost trichs to amber or do i keep hoping they change over?


5 weeks since flip, or first buttons? Let them ride! How much water are they drinking etc? They look awesome! Frosty, coming along nicely! Do you have a pic of the whole girl?

I gave them a couple weeks transition time. More like 7 weeks since first flower. They get about a gallon of water or nutes every 2 or 3 days.


Nice! Them honeys are swelling up nicely! Getting close!

Some never quite amber all the way. Amber is just degraded THCA. I shoot for all cloudy, some amber.


Those girls looks really sexy. I don’t go chasing amber.


7 weeks from start of flower is still on early side. Watch them for another week or so, shouldn’t be too long. I agree with the others on amber trichs too, small amount is good as long as the rest are cloudy.


My white widow took 12 weeks in flower and i spiked the stalks and gave ice baths the last 3 weeks before harvest

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