BoilerGuy's Go✔️ILGM-Banana Kush

Please stop stretching Blue Dream!
This looks like trouble…


I have the same thing going on with one of my Apple Fritters. I thought she was done stretching and then grew like 3 inches overnight. :man_shrugging:


2/10/24-- WEEK 5
Today I have been able to raise the HLG quantum boards about 6" :heavy_check_mark: That’s it… that’s all the more room I’ve got… this Blue Dream is living up to it’s specifications listed on ILGM.
The last week I made an adjustment to the UVB light. Raised☝️ it to the top corner of the tent opposite of the Blue Dream as it’s the one that shows the fan leaf taco. Only powered on for 3hr in the middle of day.

At this point in the grow this is where I begin to wonder… should I begin to modulated back the Jack’s 321 nutrients? Or remain constant throughout. I’ve always seemed to struggle with seeing the plants “fade away” towards the end of flowering. It’s as if the bottoms of the Autopot trays/Coco retains extra Jack’s 321 nutrients… this round I’m using Mammoth P and Mammoth silica. So I’m in a current debate with myself as to whether or not I should be modulating back the nutrients or remain constant and continue…hmm…
Check out my week 5 Do-Si-Dos and that tall Blue Dream, it reduced the gap between it and the light. I’ve moved it up today though. Still looks like trouble.


Yeah, Mine did the same! Enjoy!! Looks like a nice harvest coming!


2/19/24-- WEEK 6


That girl looks like she is covered in frosty goo!