Blueberry OG & Master Kush OG. Aero System V2

Going to post once in awhile on my 2nd grow attempt. The girls havent been placed in their new home yet. Currently have the system running in the tent for awhile to check for leaks. Ill post pics tonight of them in their new home. Its 3 blueberry OG, and 2 MKOG, but one of the latter will not be placed in the new system.

Lights: 1500 xs viparspectra & 400 true watt bestva blurple. Last grow was done completely with the bestva until the last couple weeks

System: aero/hydro hybrid. Plants and nutes sit in same tank. Tank filled 1/3rd with nutrients (8 gallons) and a 1/2" pvc system with 32 mister nozzles fed by an 800 GPH pump.

Nutrients: Flora Flex full tilt plan (for veg its just a part 1, part 2, and a foliar feed once every so many days. Wont be doing foliar until i officially start week 1)

Feed schedule: pump off 5 min/on 1 min

4’x4’x80" tent, with 6" exhaust/carbon filter

Water cooling: evaporative air chiller

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I originally intended to make this system with arduino monitoring, but i havent even had a chance to dig into that yet. Hopefully for my 3rd grow though.

Some pics of the improved system:

Some stickers for fun. The pipe sticking out in the center is the outlet for my evacuation pipe, for when i change reservoirs.

Youll notice 2 LEDs on the top part above the stickers. The one on the left is yellow and comes on when the water line is roughly 2 gallons from the point at which the pump will start taking on air. The one on the right is red and comes on when theres only 1 gallon…

In. This pic you can see the evacuation pipe against the front wall of the tank. The end sits on the ground and had 8 slots cut into the tip to create better suction. Once theres roughly one gallon to evacuate, i just need to tilt the tank so that water pools at that corner, and any remaining water can be dried with a towel.

On the back wall of the tank youll notice 2 floats which control the LEDs that are glued to a sliding adjustable bracket that used to go to a car tv tray haha. This allows me to adjust the point at which the LEDs go off.

In the center of the back wall is a cut out for a net cup that i cut the bottom off of, and with the help of a neoprene collar, am using for a wire throughput.

The mister plumbing in place.

The exterior back wall of the tank where, on the right, you can see a quick disconnect for the input of the chiller plumbing (also one on left side of tank for output), and 2 AA battery holders. One for each float/led

The system set up in the tent. As you can see i built a frame on top of the lid, using old computer desk supports. This is to add some stability so that when the plants get heavy in flowering, they wont be able to affect the integrity of the lid so much. It also serves as a trellis system, and im also hoping that with the lift hoist being attached at the top of the trellis, the lid wont be so likely to flip when im working on the tank, as the center of gravity will be much lower.

There are 5 net cups, but im only using the 4 corners for plants. The middle cup is just an access hole where i can drop the probes for testing and top off nutrients.

And finally just a pic of the current status of the nutes. Ive only got the e.c. at 1. The floraflex chart has me starting at 4 grams per gallon with a final ec of 2.4, but as youll see later, some of the plants are still very young, so i only used 1.5 grams/gal. Next week ill either bump them to 4, or go half way, and then the following week ill do 4. Whatever the case ends up being, i won’t start counting veg weeks until im at full strength.

As a side note, powder nutes are quite nice…no smell, and no dyed water. Will be nice seeing my roots stay white throughout the grow.

Bonus pics: my first ever cannabutter and some brownies i made that are way too potent for me


That is a heck of a setup. I can’t comment much else, because I’m just running Coco and Jack’s, but I’m definitely watching this one!


I have fun building stuff lol. Should be a fun grow!


Ideally want to build a scrog setup, but I don’t have tent space unless I did one plant.

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I was looking into those…very interesting setups. If you ever do one please include me

Impressive bit of plumbing. I’m lost. Autopots push my limits. Nice

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Holy crap nice set up

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Its nothing too complicated…the pump just pushes the nutrients through the misters creating a nice spray on the roots.

The evacuation line is just for when i hook up my external water pump. Last grow id lift the lid and wedge the silicone tubing for the inlet of the pump in the tank, and then have the outlet going into empty gallon jugs. Was a pain in the butt.

Now i can just hook up the inlet for the pump right to the pipe coming out of front there…also bought a foot pedal switch to operate the pump, so my hands are completely free now lol i just put the outlet tube into an empty gallon, press on the foot switch till full, repeat, until its empty

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Thanks man it was fun to build

It is rewarding to have the skill to do things the way you want them done.
I have two ancient fluorescent fixtures in my shop / grow space and their ballasts are shot. I bought two 24" LED fixtures to replace them more than a month ago. I finally pulled the old lights down and almost had coronary thinking about how does that go again. white to white, black to black Oh green is ground but I only see a copper wire. Thank you youtube. I HATE electricity

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Haha well you ever have any future electrical issues, feel free to reach out. I was an electrician for most of my 20s. I miss that work, but my back wont let me.


Some of those pics made me think I was looking at the Star Wars movie set.

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:joy: thats great. I can see it…like the minature modeling lol

Dude kick ass setup looking forward to this one!

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Oh my. what a great setup. I never saw anything like this. way cool.

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Thanks me too. Gained a lot of knowledge from the people on this forum last grow. Hoping i can turn that into greater yields.

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Hopefully it makes things easier for me lol

Agreed! Only problem I had was trying to stick more plants in one area than I should have anf using old soil.

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Here are the girls. Green collar is blueberry OG, and purple is russian master kush og.

I have both lights on at 100% at 27"-29"…hopefully theyre ok with that.

Look at all the room the have to grow!


Love the setup. The thrashed out box is pretty sweet too! Can’t wait to see the tent fill up!