BlueBerry CBD Heat tolerance

Does ANYone know what the heat tolerance for Blueberry CBD (fem) is? It’s a low THC / high CBD strain offered here by ILGM. My outdoor grow is somewhere in an unincorporated area of Riverside county, CA and it gets 100°+ (sometimes 110°+) in the summertime. I’ve grown strains like White Widow, Purple Haze, CBDutch Treat and Bergman’s Gold Leaf, all in this same hot summer environment successfully. Reason I’m asking: outdoor environment for Blueberry CBD strain is listed as “Sunny Mediterranean” and strains like Gold Leaf are listed as “Sunny”. I’m not nick picking, just seeking clarification before spending the cash for these seeds.

Having been to Greece during the March 2015, it was cold and damp for 99.9% of the natives and tourists.

I live in South Texas where it’s hotter than Hell. I wore t-shirts and cargo shorts and I was burning up. It averaged around 45 degrees.

So knowing they don’t get extremely hot and California is on the cold side compared to other States, I’d be worried about growing the Blueberry CBD strain outdoors. Because Cali weather compared to Greece is definitely way different environments.

Thank you @MrPeat for taking the time here. This can be a very confusing thing. I agree with you; Greece in the spring time can be cold. It can be cold at my house at that same time of year too. I have read the definition of a “Mediterranean climate” on the wikipedia site and it states that a wide range of temps can be seen… Coastal is cooler, inland can be very very hot… just like SoCal. So, what I’m asking for here is info from someone with direct experience with this strain or others like it to weigh-in too. Thank you so much for your time.

For me California weather is on the cold side. It’s not unusual for us here in South Texas with heat and humidity can hit 130 degrees. And it’s not dry in this spot.

I think you will find that many here don’t grow CBD strains. I made a topic once about inquiring on different CBD strains and it was crickets. I am the one interested in CBD strains to help manage my severe pain and yet stay clear headed.

So good luck.

Update: Today, when I looked again at the Blueberry CBD (fem) listing for seeds, I noticed that the word “Mediterranean” has been removed. Hmmm… I’m hoping this is a correction. Hey ILGM guys, please chime in. Thanx.

That sounds like a good thing. Because Southern Cali weather isn’t like the Mediterranean weather.

I found So Cal to more of a dry humidity and No Cal is more humid. I’ve lived all over the US and around the world.

Well, after communicating with ILGM via E-mail, I have decided to take the plunge and grow this strain for myself. I have ordered the seeds and will give updates on the grow here at ILGM but on other, more appropriate threads.

Basically, their reply was that while this strain is heat tolerant, they have not had any reports on any outdoor grows in “sunny” climates and therefore could not give me a definitive answer. So, basically, I’m volunteering to be a guinea pig… Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a good crop. :wink:

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