Blue Dream plants are small and very thin, with very tiny buds

From a fellow grower: 4 of the 5 blue dream seeds grow a one and a half foot plant that flowers so very little yield-3 small popcorn flowers. I grow in Canna coco or coconut fiber
I use a tent and Maxisun grow lights
General hydroponics fertilizer


Lighting is probably your main issue. What model Maxisun lights and how many of them?


Agree with @MidwestGuy looks like a light issue


Still new to growing but i agree with lighting. My first grow i had one “stretch” for the light like that one a bit. Not as bad but none the less i got a better light and it was instant fix on next beans.

I’ve seen decent buds with those lights so I’m going to say just being a newbie. Plant looks like it wasn’t lit or fed properly. Look at the coco and how dry it is. I doubt they’re feeding daily thoroughly. Light is probably way up too high and I have a hunch they transplanted late in the game. Reading and experience is the only fix


I agree the light could be more, try lowering it for sure. Like @Bluntsmoke stated that medium should be saturated and fed daily. Doubtful it has been.

To me it looks like a combination of poor quality lighting and high stress training on an autoflower. Too much stretch and topping of 2 of them and lower branch trimming. Hard to recover from when the plant flowers on its own schedule. I also see the plants are in plastic pails without any drain pans underneath. In Cocoa without watering to run off, it’s possible the roots are drowning yet the top is still dry.
Without getting the actual grower on the Forum to help him out, it’s going to be very hard to figure this out.