Blue Dream Outdoors Will She Finish?

Good evening y’all any feedback would be much appreciated! Last year I planted Blue Dream Outdoors here in Eastern Ontario. She finished the 2nd week of October here’s a pic…


Purchased feminized seeds from a different seed bank this year and talk about a different grow! This pheno is definitely going to be a late finisher! I suspect we’re at like week 4 and it’s Sept. 25. Do you think there is any chance she’ll finish? Daytime temps have avg 18/20 celsius with overnight temps hovering around 10 degrees. This plant has

gone crazy never seen so many budsites.


Where about in Canada?

There is no way she will finish, watch for frost warnings and let it finish as long as possible.

Looks like your best bet is to make oil or hash, tricombs will be limited though.

Sorry man.

We are going to start taking ours indoors at night. 50F here at night. 80F day.

Build a box around it, quick! :laughing: thats what I would do, just some 2×4 boars and a tarp… Then run a heater out to it at night. Unless you have room for that beast inside, and can even move it… Every night… Beautiful plant though, it would be terrible to see her go before her time…

Wow they look great mate good work i love the colours of the leaves and u have some soild buds there aswell