Blue Dream autoflower seedling is not growing

From a fellow grower: I germinated in water- dark place- one seed never- ever- never opened - after 3 weeks in water. The other seed opened after 5 days; the next seed opened up after 2 days

Moved these 2 seeds - with tweezers- to Happy Frog organic potting soil.

Watered with spray bottle daily as needed- it took 2 weeks for the first one to pop out of the soil- 3 weeks for the 2nd seed. But then they just didn’t grow-?? Fertilizing 1x a week, soil Ph 6.8-7.0

The pics below are after being in the soil for 4-6 weeks …

Light is 16hrs on- 8 off, vent fan, in grow tent- temp and humidity managed

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You probably shouldn’t be fertilizing when they’re this young, what soil are you in?

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Couple of questions/ suggestions. The medium looks too wet from the pics. Seedlings thrive in ideal environmental conditions, temps around 78-82, RH 65-75% and I grow them under a T5 fluorescent light for the 1st 14 days. Additionally they absorb moisture from the air through their leaves to feed until the roots have grown more and can take over. Cover them with a clear solo cup, mist the inside of the cup, remove daily for fresh air and water a shot glass or 2 around the outside of the dome/solo cup every 2-3 days. The dome/clear solo cup will provide the moisture needed to feed :love_you_gesture:

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