Blue berry strain from ilgm

New to this strain. Was wondering if anyone knew any tips for it. far for led lighting, they are about 2 inches going into second week tomorrow. 600w from Horticulture Grow Lights. This light hasn’t failed me in my last 3 grows. Great little light

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The 2 times ive grown ilgm blueberry they stretched alot during flower if growing in a tent with hight restrictions keep the size of the plant in mind before flipping either than that nothing else realy stood out to me besides that amazing smell and taste of them buds :grinning:


I’m currently growing blueberry auto and have noticed this on my leafs 2 1/2 weeks old



Also known as albinism, variegation is one of the most beautiful mutations of cannabis. This can occur either fully or partially. This mutation results from a plant’s inability to produce chlorophyll. It can occur on leaves, the heads of buds, or can wash out the entire plant in white.

In the most extreme cases, plants will not live very long as chlorophyll is necessary in the production of sugars for plant energy and development.

Variegation also means lower yields. A lessened ability to photosynthesise equates to slower growing plants. That said, some variegated plants can grow to be quite tall.

-from Royal Queen Seeds


Any time I have had variegated leaves its been early in the plants life and went away after the 3rd or 4th node. Never had an issue beyond that.
It is fascinating tho.

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Any thoughts on humidity and temp for the young stages

I typically grow more than 1 strain at at time and run all my plants the same I don’t typically mess with rh unless its to low or to high and temps I grow are between 70f and 80f


The humidity should be around 60-80% for seedlings and then for veg around 50-70% temps should be around 72-75f

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Do you run your lights 24/7 or

Definitely no 18hr on 6hr off then when you switch to flower run 12hr on 12hr off

Autos you run a light of 18/6 or 20/4 no need to switch it to a 12/12 for flowering .u just run a 18/6 or 20/4 all the way to the end

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Thanks! You two!!!. I’ll be sure to drop in soon

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How do you turn the color??
Just about to final flush

Switched to 20/4 super bulky now. Do these really turn blue. Looks like n. Lights
Beautiful anyway

Some people will flush with ice cold water for the week or two that normally makes the plant show purple

One stretched 3 times thr others. 3 colas bent, so I cut and hung. Okay to enjoy without flush??

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Yes its ok to not flush its all personal preference and as far as color change you can drop temps 10 to 15 degrees during lights out and the cold can trigger different colors its all up to the genetics tho some just dont turn no mater what you do