Blue Berry Auto

I have received my order (ty) and unfortunately I have to wait to start my grow because of some planned trips. and on the later I may take a risk for the last week/two.

My plan is to plant 4 BBA in a DWC setup. I will be using the KIND LED 600w model. My grow room setup is 3’1/2" W x 6’ L x 7’ 1/2" H. purchasing lumbar for my pulley setup. I have air stones and veg and flower nutrients both parts A & B (brand?), my PH Meter, light timer, and my grow medium.

I am pretty excited to start this grow but this is only a precursor as I see this starting Christmas week when I can dedicate the estimated grow time and provide my plants all of the attention they need. I plan on also keeping a log and photo/video on my experiences (as this may help others) where the internet has done the same for me much like your site. More to follow as I am sure I will have plenty of questions for those more seasoned. Thanks in advance.

Can’t wait! See you around the 1st od the year. Peace

Anxiety got the best of me! I am germinating as we speak. Official 4 Oct at apprx 16:00 hours soaking in the H2O. I have it covered for the last 1 to 2 weeks (in my mind the most critical part) for the projected grow cycle of 56 days.

This is from seed to bud? If this is the case and please correct me if I am wrong projected date to dry should be around the 1st of December. Would you agree, thanks in advance.

All 3 (went with 3 instead of 4) seeds have sprung… Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

second set of real looking leaves starting to sprout, go go Cana

Glad to hear it. Now, nurture the plant; Do not smother it :slight_smile:

Okay, had a Snafu, with login. My DWC is plugging along well. I was using one in soil, but, I did not like this so I added it to the DWC earlier, already it’s leaves are starting to look okay, did my best to not disturb the dirt and have a bit of dirty water but I am changing that out within two days and all will be on the same watering cycle. Here was the only pic I had on file.

Since, I am able to post once again. I wanted to add the 3 BBA plants I have are doing very well. They are all right around 1’/30.48cm tall. Very stout and bushy all around. If my math is correct this is at the halfway through the grow cycle. Surly, is very dense with many 7 leafed sugar leaves and many branching outward at every chance. I have been using CO2 (sugar & yeast) and I have been able to up the nutrients without anything but happiness with these plants. As I am new to this I am using the KIND LED (600w) and will add it does produce some heat, which was my biggest concern since I am in AK. All is good. I am very satisfied with the light setup and after speaking with a representative you should keep the plants at least 48"/121.92 away from the (again heat) lights; working on a 18/6 light cycle. I intend on leaving this all the way through flowering.

Questions which come to mind are once they start to flower how much taller do they typically get? I have plenty of room as I am learning they are small but very strong, fan blowing 24/7. And then guessing on yield I wouldn’t know other than what I may expect from the seed overview information. It looks like I will be at least close on yield. It smells beautiful in my master bedroom, much to the dismay of my significant other. Wait, already over it.

The other question, should I expect males from these or should I be confident they will all be fem?

Thanks very much again for your input. I promise pictures very soon now that I can access the forums once again.

If there is any advice to share it is greatly appreciated.

Attached are some pics for everyone’s pleasure:

Patience please. So, with this statement: Flowering period Average (56 days); am I answering my own question once the plant starts to flower it is estimated to take 56 days on average before it is ready or is from seed to finish? Thnx again.

And now…

In general cannabis will grow about another third their overall size during flowering, I guess this can in some cases maybe be as much as about twice as tall, or maybe even taller if the lights promote stretching and/or depending on how or if they are trained. As these are autos and you probably haven’t done any training and in general they should stay pretty squat and short, I think you can stick with the another third as an estimate once a decent amount of budding is showing.

I don’t think you should see any males, but hermaphrodites do show up on occasion due to different stresses, your plants look happy and healthy, I don’t think you should have anything to worry about.

So yes, the expected length of the flowering period is as you describe, it is the flowering period, not the entire from seed to harvest, however as our website is still being adjusted and toyed with to try and list or do everything we want, the numbers on the autos vs. regular photo period counterparts may not be current or entirely accurate. Keep any eye on the trichomes and use the 56 day a loose guide. I wish could give you a better schedule but I don’t have enough experience with the autos yet to say for sure. Maybe Robert or someone else could chime in on this one to sure up the schedule.

Thanks for the input. This helps quite a bit. I have a couple of trips planned and I have someone who will be looking out for them for 3 weeks. Correct I am not training them, simply watching them, at the rate they are going I think I am going to be a happy camper so to speak. Just watching them grow is pretty therapeutic for me :0


Those roots sure do look nice :smiley:

Noticed yesterday one has started to pre-flower and 3 are explosively growing. Very nice. The smell is getting better and better. FYI Alaska Passed to decriminalize cannabis, right on, had a mansion party that was absolutely insane. VICE was there recording; and I have never enjoyed so much herb for over 5 and a half hours straight. At every corner was a bunch of awesome like minded responsible adults, right on, Peas.

I dropped quite a few F bombs, my vocabulary was limited with the excitement. Enjoy my blueberry auto video, cheers.

Cool :smiley: Too bad your cam went dead. thanks for sharing.

Latest update all plants are into flower. My number two is farther along with flowering. Number one is certainly moving forward and little lady (my dirt test plant and then moved to DWC) is small and stout with only a hint of flowering starting. Number two has received veg nuts 4ml A/B and 1ml of Sensi Bloom A/B. Number one is still at 5ml of veg nuts. Looking well like I will come close to estimated yield on 2 out of the 3 plants; due to my own soil test. I need to get some above shots posted of the flowering of these blueberry autos. very solid plant consuming almost a gallon of water a day if that is an indication of these plants hunger. A bit of nutrient agitation with number one, changed out H2O so let’s see what continues to happen, they are all doing what they do. As always, keep that positive attitude. Nothing but good times, peas.