Blooming and Veg Light settings

I have the King 1000 watt led over a couple of my plants. This light has a veg setting and a bloom setting. My question: the light is way way brighter if I use them both in the on position. Is there a valid reason why I shouldnt do this ?? I have 3 Green Crack females under it

Might as well turn them both on. That is a “blurple” light. About 120 watts which includes the fan. There’s a support group on this forum.


Some non-trivial portion of that wattage also goes toward the generation of heat. These inefficient diodes do produce a lot of heat.

I would leave them both on as well. Your plant is going to need all of the light you can give the plant.


Right on. I thought so. Got a happy surprise while inspecting them today. Last 3 were female out of only 4. Pretty good ratio


Congratulations on rolling the dice, sounds like you won

If and when you decide to upgrade your lights let us know and we can find you a good light for the best coverage and price to fit your needs

3 plants under that light is asking a lot from a blurple but I get you gotta use what you have at your disposal


I’ve added two 600 watt bad ass lights. They are brighter than my 1000 watt but they were a little spindly so this should bring them around