Bloom box producer beginner

Grew 2 nice big northern lights photo outside last summer.
Great learning curve, but now I am going to grow indoors and out.
Growing a northern lights and Bruce banner fast strains for my mother plants.
Running a power cloner and getting ready for an 18 plant run.
Anybody have much experience with hydro boxes, my yields are not very productive.

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FYI. The 2 plants in buckets are monster cropped northern lights.
Hence the funny leaves.

You’re not going to get the harvest you’re hoping for with that Magnum LED.
You are going to want to UP your grow light game with that size of a grow.
Look into something newer and much more efficient.

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Agreed with @PhillyRock you need about 800 ppfd average ppfd of your groe area… what size is the space? I also see a 150 watt cfl and a cob type light in the grow box space… @peachfuzz @repins12 have you used these boxes before?


This is just for 2 mother plants under my stairs.
And the 2 monster crop are going outside in a month.
I have one northern lights fast and one Bruce banner fast that I will be cloning and growing in my hydro box. Which I’ve used before and had good results.
Bruce banner is almost ready to clone and northern lights is a few weeks beyond that.
I want to clone from the mother plants and grow in the producer. Nothing more nothing less.
Running mantis nutrients and ph 5.7 tap water

The issue with that statement is mean well 185 is only putting out 187 watts of power to those lights

I mean they could use more than the one…definitely probably

It looks cool tho! Think they kinda got you a little bit tho

It’s combined with this one as well.

The magnum was a relic from my friends basement as I have nothing but the box and need my mother plants on 24/7.

I am cloning from 2 fast strains so they can not flower on me. Hence 24 hr light cycle.

Once cloned they will go in the producer.

They never got me a little
Lol, bought it second hand with only 2 grows in it, it originally cost $7000.00 with led upgrade, co2, air stones, computerized pumps, and they wanted it out of the garage and sold
It for $3000.00

What’s the size of it inside?


Definitely a good place to start growing size wise. Don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone running that type of unit before.

You can clearly grow, what was the box about?

32 Cu feet

You gotta make Oompa Loompa plants to fit inside there :wink:

The light is 2 185 hlgs so 370 watts not 450 but better then 185x 1… not the best …not the worst lil light for any thing bigger then a 3x3 for that light is to much… but other fixture… what’s the area need to be lit not the volume of the box…
And y are you keeping mothers on 24 /0

Your light is a little dated tech wise, but plenty good. I’m pretty sure founders of horticulture lighting group helped develop those lights, maybe even before horticulture lighting group was a thing.

The floor dimensions of box are about 54"x28"? What was dry weight of your last harvest?

Sorry for the late reply, apparently I can only post a minimum amount of times on my first day.

24 hour light cycle for the 2 mother plants.
The other 2 are monster cropped and 24 hour light waiting to reveg.

Photoperiods were too big for the box and difficult to train for the size, autos where a waste of time in the box, never flowered and had to take out of hydro and run at 12/12 and they foxtailed on me. But I had a couple Bruce banner fast strains that grew to the perfect size, and I should be able to get 18 at once. Fingers crossed.

The magnum was a gift from a friend with tens of thousands of dollars worth of lights from the 1990’s
And it’s all I could find at the time I was sorting things out.

Dried weight was horrible. 7 oz out of 2 plants. (My first grow outdoors) and no bud enhancers just water and fertilizer.

This is my monster crop photoperiod northern lights from outdoors under the stairs) .

My mistake was listening to too many friends and google is all over the map.
Also had multiple strains in the box and realized my
Mistake too late.
Now I’m cloning from mother plants and running Bruce banner fast and replace with northern lights fast after harvest. And so on and so in!

yes, I can grow, just not big tasty buds and I lack experience in the whole when to and not to trim and trichomes area.

The box was bought as I live in a townhouse complex with a small garage and no room to build a whole room.
Also I’m in BC Canada and can’t grow outdoors for 5-6 months of the year.

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The fast version seems to love the magnum.

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You should be able to get more than 7 zips out if there.

You don’t need a “fast” or auto strain to be successful here. When you take a clone from mature plant it’s basically ready to flower immediately. Your box is set up to grow sea of green style, which is pretty much several single cola plants. The idea is to get enough clones rooted to fill all of the locations. Maybe give them a little time to start growing, then put on flowering schedule. By doing this you shouldn’t have to worry about a photo plant over growing the space, and if you keep plants healthy should produce a healthy yield. Another way you could probably be successful is to run a few plants and train them to stay below a trellis. If you constantly tuck new growth below screen that should allow you to get full canopy without growing too tall. Once your screen is about full, then switch to flowering schedule.

Either way, you probably just need to get to full canopy that is manageable with the limited height.

Technique comes with technical growing… that box is cool…ecspeicially if you know how to use it… its definatley not for entry level but a lil basic education can whip that style into shape weather you know most techniques or not you can learn how to use that box… but it might not be best for all styles… either way it’s a cool contraption and like a hydro style if my soil sog racks

similasimilar style for clones for best results… not nessucarily the best for other styles which @violagirl0 replicated my pipe pots and ran autos …and they got bushy and crowded… clones grow more up then out so it works with a certain style better then others… that box would definstley work good with a scrog and definatley dosent have to be ran at 100% of cells full you can run 2 4 6 … what ever you want… lesser plant count gives you more time to learn… higher plant count you better he on your game