Bloom booster recommendation

I have 3-4 weeks left of flowering someone suggested i use some Bloom booster but I have no idea what brand and where to get it or how to use it.
Up to this point i have been using well water and water from my duck pond
I have chickens in with the Ducks and have been using that water for my vegetable garden for years. That’s where I got my soil from for my MJ plants
Can anyone recommend Bloom boosters

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I am using a 3-part set from fox farms, but as far as you are into flower, you would only need the last of the three (ChaChing) to finish your grow.

That said, it was the last of three parts, so there may be something better that is just designed for late-flower only. If you just search for “late flower” nutes as well as ‘bloom’ and then look for a reputable manufacturer.

But I’m sure you can use the ChaChing, and you only use 1/4tsp per gallon, so what you get will last a while.

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General hydroponics drykoolblomm is what I use. Have to be careful though and use the recommended dose, which is 1.25 grams. And you get like a one pound bag so it’ll last forever

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Nectar of the Gods Bloom Chaos is killer stuff too.


You’re going for organic?


No just used what I had available
I bought some seeds and planted them and here we are
Just trying to get more out of these plants any way I can
Easier the better
Trying to learn new things


What nutes do you use? Or do you rely solely on your soil & your water? It seems as if you’re already doing organic, so thought I’d ask.

I didn’t know there were all theses different nutrients that people were using
I just got on this forum a week or so ago
I was relying on how good my vegetable garden has done over the years. I knew my soil was good and so far it has been. I want to experiment with Bloom booster type nutrients to see if I can get some big fatties


I’m a total noob at growing (3 grows this year, all outdoors) but if you are 3-4 weeks out, wouldn’t adding nutes be pointless considering your last 2 weeks are reserved for flushing? Would 1 to 2 weeks of nutes really make that much of a difference, 4 feedings at most if you feed 2x week.

*I’m not being an ass, I genuinely want to know.

I’m not sure about flushing at this point my plants root systems are pulling water from the duck pond
I’m just curious to see if I use some bud or Bloom booster in the last few weeks if that’ll matter or not was going to try some on just to two of the plants and leave the rest alone and see what happens the plan is to learn from this grow and use it next year

I am on my 2nd grow so I am a newbie but I have been using the nutrients from Fox Farm and have had great results ! The Tiger Bloom is the bloom booster but I am still using all in my 2nd week of flower,
Also this grow someone suggested that I use the CAL-MAG &
its really good stuff works well15384364751168849801610185004226|690x335

Nope, because those last 2 or so weeks before you flush is when they need the extra nutes and the reason for flushing them out after.

Pretty sure flushing is mostly an indoor thing. Just stopping nutes at a certain point would be the outdoor equivalent I think. Unless you are outdoors but in pots. Then nevermind :wink:


I’m growing outdoors in the ground in a greenhouse 3-4ft away from the edge of a big duck pond I also have a drip system and a mister but the mister is turned off as of 2 weeks ago
I’m growing 4 plants 2 are maybe 3 weeks out and the others are maybe 4

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Some of us use Kool bloom powder, but you must be very careful and follow the directions as @HornHead pointed out or it can burn your plants. It does work very well to bulk up the buds. You will have to thoroughly flush it out before harvest @plumbdand

You could try Advanced Nutrients Overdrive. It’s to be used the last 2 weeks of flower, before the flush.

That plant probably has a month, at least. You definitely have time to boost those buds.

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Cal mag is not a bloom booster. In fact, too much calcium near the end of bloom can cause some issues with your buds.

what kind of issues?

Just go to your local hardware store and ask for liquid potash and follow the instructions if your soil has all ready got good natural nutrients in them from the animal poo.
Pot ash is good for all flowing and fruiting,mj