Bloody Skunk Autoflower Run for FUN 🍍

Hey Gromies! So the 4x2 tent was free and I have a ton of autoflower seeds to get through. My solution… A 6 plant Bloody Skunk by Sweet Seeds run. I threw them into 2 gallon fabric pots using FFOF soil as my medium. Hopefully, I can train them through a net and fill out my canopy. Wish me luck.

Now my babies’ big debut! :pineapple:


Can’t wait to see those colors, fingers crossed.


Same here my friend. Of course I always want the smoke to be good, but I’m definitely here for the colors this run.

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I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind. I have some of the same seeds but, have not gotten to them yet :v:


Welcome! Welcome! The more the merrier.

1 of the seedlings kicked it, so we’re running with 5 now. I thought about dropping another bean but she’d be a week behind the others and I’m thinking that would cause all kinds autoflower issues.

All is tiny adorable and boring right now.


Good luck set to watch !

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Week 2 has commenced. Minor hiccups resulting in two new beans being dropped but they’re all on their way now. All is well in the nursery tonight.


Does anyone know if this humidifier is good? Or if there’s a better one out there? It doesn’t seem to be reading my humidity accurately so I am getting a replacement or buying a better one. Thanks @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @NeoGroR @Jstar

It’s not the best. It will work for a small tent though. Check out Home Depot, menards or somewhere like another store like those. You can find a better one, but it will likely be more money as well.
You can also mist the walls and floor some to bring the RH up.

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Ya I even tried the damp tower method but nothing seem to help. But thanks for the help.

I recommend any of the evaporative type humidifier for best results. Not saying that one won’t work, it’s a little undersized.


Thought I’d give you some context based on my time using it for a few months now. It’s in a 4x2 closet tent and does well for that space. It’s solves my rh problem and does require a refill every 1-2 days. In my experience as the plants get bigger my rh becomes easier to maintain and I need to refill it less and less often.

The towel method never quite worked for me either but bowls of water with sponges did better before I picked this up.

If this is your first time growing this strain. I would Let it grow naturally with minimum training. Mine stretched a little. But stayed on the thinner side. It is going to be pretty tight in there. But you may pull it off. I had a 2 day old BS started my self. I will be tagging along :grin:

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Welcome! Def my first time so I appreciate tips. Most of this run is in the name of science. Still learning as I grow. I’ve seen mixed results with BS. Some scrawnier than others. Hoping to not need to agitate them much but we’ll see whatever grows. Just trying to make to harvest lol

The larger evaporative ones pump out a lot more humidity.


I would probably avoid that if possible. You would like to be able to control room your intake air comes from.