Blackening (Or deep purpling) at the ends of branches

Any ideas what is going on?
Growing in Michigan
Durban Poison and White Widow
Great growth. Some plants are over 8 feet. Planting are very healthy looking.
Flowering just started but this has been a situation for about 3 or 4 weeks. Just the odd branches.
When rubbed, the this discoloring does change in appearance or move to other parts of the leaf like it is being smugged.
The 2 photos show clearly what is going on. Hope they upload correctly
Thank you for all insights.
Hope the

When rubbed, the discoloration does NOT smug or move to other parts for the leaf.

It looks to be a phosphorus deficiency . Although over watering and cold temps can bring this on also


with no information…leaves show major overdose of nutes.

A major overdose of what? Nutrients?
Not disputing your input but would the condition not show up on each of the plants and all over them?

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The plant looks healthy from the sample given. I’ve had plants purple up over night due to colder weather. We were in the mid 40’s a couple of nights ago here in Vermont. Some plants just purple naturally.
What does the rest of the plant look like?

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The plants look great. Really really good.

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I think you’re good to go. Just a natural occurrence. Good luck with the grow.

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Curious about when you expect to be able to harvest there in Vermont. I am looking at about the 15th of October here in lower Michigan. Don’t expect any frosts by then, but we will certainly have nights dip into the 40’s, even the low 40’s, by then. Figure I will just wait until a frost warning or until the plants tell me they are ready. Seem right?

I harvested last year late Sept to early October. It rained a lot around harvest time so I ran into a lot of bud rot. If the weather was more cooperative harvest time should be early to mid october here.
Plants are cold tolerant so if you cover them during a frost they could stay out as late as you need. Bud rot is a valid concern when growing outdoor

Thanks for your info about your harvest in VT.
My plants have gotten too large to cover so I hope to beat the frost which will likely occur during the last half of October here in Kalamazoo, MI.
Be well.

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