Black stuff on bottom of grow tent? Mold?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

So, I had to take down the tent last night because of routine termite maintenance coming up, and on the base of the tent (i.e. under the spill tray) where the bars are, I find this black stuff. Here are some pics of it with a torch:

Here’s a pic with my camera’s flash, its that black blotch to the left:

I tried wiping this down with alcohol wipes, and it doesn’t seem to have an effect.

As you can see, there’s also some of that black stuff on the bottom stitching of the back vent. I also found this kind of film on the back vent, is this mold?:

Pic with flash:

I was thinking of wiping the whole tent down (both in and out) with a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and water, then patting it down with a towel and letting it air dry. Any ideas or insight would really be great and if someone can identify that black stuff. Don’t want to start the next grow with mold already in the tent :confused:

Thanks in advance everyone :smiley:

Good idea. Peroxide will kill mold. The stains may not be removable.


Maybe a light bleach wiping could help? @MagicCultivator420


Good idea. Bleach will also kill mold.


Thanks for confirming about the hydrogen peroxide @MidwestGuy Shame about the stains, thankfully they’re at the bottom of the tent out of sight mostly.

Good idea about the bleach @Fieldofdreams I’ll give that a shot also. 1 part bleach to 5 parts water I imagine?

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Depends on how the stain reacts. May need stronger.

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I had that appear on one of my tents, I think an ACInfinity tent, and I think it is just a little delimitation between layers. That’s why it won’t wipe off.

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Gave the tent a very thorough wipe down with bleach (5:1). Black stuff didn’t even budge, the film on the back vent cleared up nicely though. Once it’s all set up again I’ll repeat with hydrogen peroxide :slight_smile:

@CMichGrower that would be awesome if it’s not mold and just tent wear and tear. What exactly do you mean by delimitation?

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@MagicCultivator420 The tent fabric is made of layers of material, the inside being the reflective layer. The inside reflective layer came apart from the black layer.

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Got it, dang that’s quite a shame if so, only had this tent less than a year :confused: