Black moons arising 2020 2021 season

Hi all black moons back.
For a new season of outdoor growing.
My second season.
Learnt a lot from every one on the forum last season and i been enjoying my gorrilla glue that i grew last year and hope to be a part of my line up this year too.
Along with train wreck white widow Bergman gold super silver haze purple haze granddaddy purple girl scout cookie extreme auto and still waiting on wedding cake and Durban poison to arrive thats been lost in shipment so far.
Well what a line up these will prove to be.
So im here hoping some of you follow my grow this year coming up.
And share with me your knowledge as we go.
Im working on dropping my seeds in water on the 15th September that must be like the 15th may on the other side of the world.
Few months to go but i want to be ready and well prepared.
That being said first thing to learn up on is making some good compost for them to grow in.
Ill be using 35 litre bags whats that 20 gal.
Any body interested in following my grow and helping out along the way.


I’ll be watching. On my first indoor - so don’t expect too much input from me!

Happy growing!

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Sweet thanks

How is it all going for you.
Were are you in the world

Going well thanks mate. I’m in Australia

Australia i was born in adelaide many moons ago.
Move to nz in 1989 for 2 month holiday now married with a mortgage cat and a dog


Have to ask the same question given the time of year it is in the northern hemisphere

Giday beardless one im in new zealand eastern island of Australia far far away.
How about you were are you situated on this suspended planet spinning in space.
Thanks for asking

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USA upper midwest

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Ive been to north Dakota i think it was near the bad lands. Unless it was south dakota.
Reptile park there and this interesting little tourist spot on a hill that messes with gravity levels and height.
Water runs up hill tall people look short you stand on a lean and a ball hanging on a string goes in the opposite direction when thrown.

Badlands is in S Dakota along with Mt Rushmore. North Dakota has a lot of wheat fields. I’m 300 - 500 miles east of the badlands.

I drove from north Carolina to sth Dakota and back.
Quite possible ive been throu or near your home.
Mind you lot of places 500 miles east of sth Dakota hay.
Well i went out and bought a couple bags of canna coco today.
Never used that before in my organic compost mix.
Do you have any experience of using it.
There’s a lot you can get over there that will boost your grow that you cant get here.


I use fox farm ocean forest as my base and add to it. One thing I add is a block of compressed coco. When I hydrate the block I add CalMag to the water to buffer the coco. I assume canna coco is already buffered since it is a product intended to grow cannabis.

Many years ago our daughter spent 6 months on I think the north island working for a bird sanctuary.

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Wow that sounds like a cool job working at bird sanctuary and experience.
I support people with interlectual challenges in life. Been doing that for 12 years now.
Have some land and mortgage.
Off to work i go i owe i owe

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Yer that calmag seems a good product again cant get it here.
Not much you can get really thats organic over here for flowering.
I use a mushroom compost rich as straw based rather than the usual pine bark base.
I mix it with my own home made compost from a year of food scraps and ash then im going to add sea weed granules this season coming and i want the bags ready to go give them time to settle in before planting.
Any other suggestions .

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Have you got some plants going at the moment.
I live off the grid on 12 volt very basic at that.
Not much of a chance of setting up grow tent with lights til i win lotto.

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I can see how lights, fans etc would be a challenge. But being off grid - the bush is your friend!

Yes, here is my grow :v:

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Yes the bush is friend.
Thanks for sharing your set up.
I just got some canna soil pro today.
Never used it before but its mentioned on here a lot so i thought id go get some. I use 35 lt bags.
Seem to work well.

The Canna stuff has worked really well on my clones - not tried it with seeds.
All good - est of luck with your grow!

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Thanks budz. A wee way off yet aiming for the 15th September to drop my seeds.

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