Black/brown spots in flowers


Plants are in around week 2 of flowering (this one has been a bit slower), grown outdoors in soil. I’ve been noticing bite marks all across the top leaves but just today I noticed these black marks all throughout the flowers.

Interestingly, My two other plants are doing very well with no bites and healthy looking flowers.

If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

Others will chime in too but it looks ok to me. It’s too evenly distributed below the pistils. What strain is it? Indoors or out? Lighting, temps….? All good things to tell us first, but a lot of purple (and almost black) strains out there.

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Support ticket helps others better answer your questions.

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Agree here, could just be strain that’s purple/black. Nothing really to worry about…now on those bit marks though… :eyes:

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She seems fine…… I can imagine color changes could come on with cooler nights now that we’re out of summer and into fall……she seems fine

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Can u get a closer clear pic of one of the dark areas?


Sorry, excellent point, completely escaped my mind.
Outdoor grow, in soil, 3 plants, 1 a bit smaller than others
Seeds are from Australia I believe
Supposedly fem auto but due to the rate at which they’re growing, I’m not convinced they’re auto
Tap water, have been feeding with a high nitrogen seaweed concentrate but slowed down since flowering.
Temps have been lower than expected (I am in southern hemisphere), been sitting around 22-25 but heat is picking up now.

Honestly I don’t think I would be concerned about the black if it wasn’t for the other two plants (supposedly the same strain) having thick green flowers.

Thanks for the help again.

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Have been killing bugs left right and center but weirdly enough, this is the only plant with bite marks (it has quite a few), the other two sit near it and have 0 signs of bugs at all :man_shrugging:

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You’ll see different characteristics on different plants that are grown from seeds. Only clones would have the same genetic makeup of the mother plant. They’re each a little different just like my siblings and me LOL