Bird protection

Hi all, I am growing on my very sunny and wide open porch, and something, probably birds, have eaten my 2-week-old plants. I am now restarting from scratch. Any ideas on how to keep the birds away? like putting each pot in a mesh bag, or covering the plants with a clear plastic dome (half a Coca Cola bottle)?

Scare crow or fake owl lol


Never had birds eat my plants.they have :poop: on them tho. Do you have a cat or dog ? Squirrels , mice will ravage young plants too. Good luck on round 2. Grow on. :wink::+1::v:

One of my cats hangs out on our deck all the time, keeps most critters away from mine…

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That’s interesting I’ve had deer help their self. I’ve had other varmints dig up around Plant because blood meal or bone meal . But never had a Bird problems. try trail camera good luck

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Make a dome outta some chicken wire. Seems odd the birds going after them though. I agree with the rest sounds like something else. Also watch plastic domes outside that will fry seedlings in the sun.


Deer plucked some of mine right out of the ground, last year and this year, they weren’t safe until I got them up on my deck. Now they are so large and getting smelly that I’m not sure if the deer would eat them or not, but I don’t want to take my chances!

I have never had deer eat on plants in flowering stage they always get me in veg stage. @thedeernad

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If the plant was 2 weeks old a Caterpilla can come and wipe you out over night them little suckers can eat and u wont realize it till it’s far to late at 2 weeks old …I had a Caterpillar eat 2 2 foot tall tomatoes plants in 1 day …that’s when I said in done with the out door …to many variables that u cant controll


“i’m done with the out door …to many variables that u cant control” - I know what you mean, but the thing is in in-door you have to control ALL the variables, it becomes work - not a hobby.


I have to disagree it’s a love for the plant and the smoking of good weed that keeps it more then a hobby to me now when your doing it to pay the Bill’s the love can start to lessen over time but really if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life :wink: