Big fan leaves, trim or leave alone?

One of my Amnesia Haze auto flower has been flowering over a month now and a few of the lower leaves have yellowed and I pulled them off but now I’m wondering if I should cut off the big fan leaves or leave them alone. I thought I read some where that during flowering to trim off the big fan leaves but I could be wrong that’s why I’m asking, as always TIA!


I think your supposed to just take the dead off. Maybe wait for some more opinions @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @ktreez420 @Donaldj

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I trim just a few off. Mainly the ones blocking good bud sites. You really should have trimmed during the flowering stretch

I would only prune the yellow leaves for now, the fan leaves are like solar panels.



Onlybtake off the yellow and dieing fan leave they will need them to finish flowering :+1:

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You can always tuck them out of the way to increase light to your buds


Good point @Sl1

It’s best to leave them on unless they turn yellow as others have said.
As @Sl1 stated I tuck my big leafs under to expose more bud sites.


My opinion goes with those above.

Leaf pruning is best done during veg, but mainly for encouraging branching. The branch forming from the removed leaf extends to replace the energy source you removed.

The only leaves I like to remove later in the grow are the ones that are yellowing or not really getting any light. Just remember that a leaf in shade is still getting usable light.

Sometimes I remove the fan leaves a day or two before I harvest, but that depends on the humidity at the time of harvest.

That reminds me, leaf pruning is also useful for increasing airflow, but be careful to not over do it. Too much leaf pruning will decrease overall yield.

Go back to the grow bible and read up on pruning. Robert also has blogs on pruning at the main site.

Thanks for tagging me for my opinion, but it just reinforces what others have already said…


Too many fan leaves block sunlight from kolas, so definitely trim off those lower, longer stemmed fans, leaving a few at intervals for photosynthesis. I cut and fed differently on 9 plants. The above method worked best along w bloom booster, to make the most advanced buds. Good luck!

BTW, These are something haze autoflower skunk from here (ILGM). All seeds germinated, and all as promised, were autoflower females.