Best strain of seed for high social anxiety? (Able to use during daytime)

Hello ILGM Community, so I plan on growing my own bud soon, however I cannot decide on which seed I should stick to! I would like something that I would be able to smoke before a big occasion, or a speech, or something of the sort, anything that causes anxiety or could cause a panic attack. I have looked at seeds such as blue dream, strawberry cough, OGKush, Lemon haze, and many many more, however I cant pin one down. If you guys could help me choose one (From your own choices, or mine it doesnt matter) that would be wonderful! Anything that can be used during the day, in public settings would be perfect, as long as it provides the anti-social anxiety effects that I need.

White Widow is always a fine choice for smoke and ease of growing

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C99 is an awesome day.

A haze strain is perfect , but most sativa’s would be ideal for daytime social smoke , but O.G,Kush and most Kush strains is the most sort after strain for it variety of properties it helps and if you harvest it at the right stage it won’t pin you to the couch , very euphoric high and could be your choice you might be looking for in your case . but Amnesia Haze , Super Silver Haze , Lemon Haze are any Kush strains would be great even in auto flowers would work as well .

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@Oldstoner @GivemefireThanks for your thoughts!
@yoshi Hmm, so you think if I chose between something like Og Kush or lemon haze, itd be something Im looking for? Id like something where I can smoke a decent amount, yet the more I smoke I just become more relaxed, but not necessarily too tired or unfocused.

Yes a Haze or Kush would be perfect . It’s my choice and don’t even get the munchies that badly ,but it’s how your determine your harvesting time also , which is about 80% milky trichomes and 10% Amber .

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I’ve got to agree ! :thumbsup:

Smoked it all summer at beach

Real good day time buzz :yin_yang:

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@yoshi Ok I think Im planning on buying 5 Super Silver Haze seeds (Get 5 extra free), although I feel purple haze or Og kush may be slightly better for me, the 5 extra seeds seem like a good deal, and overall the strain looks great.

Super silver is a good Haze and won several cup awards at High Times , used to be one of the top 5 but now with new breeders , and different strains being crossed its still in the top 25 and it’s a good sativa Haze which is very euphoric high and you can remain sociable on it as well .

I actually will be buying a high CBD version of the strain from seedsmen, The strain from ILGW is 90% Sativa which is higher than most super silver haze.

I never grown any other seed bank seeds , just ILGM genetics , Robert germination percentage and replacement policy is far the best on the market , so I only stick with a ILGM because not only they have a great ratio of guarantee but they genetics is awesome strains .


@yoshi hmm, so youve tried the super silver haze from here? How was it, what effects did it give?

Yes I have grown them all except the newest strains , but it was a good seller , Blueberry was good both regular fem and auto , Jack Herrer was good , they loved the Gold Leaf and I can grow enough Kush for demand , but white widow is like an all around good , Sour a Diesel was great , Super Silver and Amnesia was great , they all was great and moved pretty good with minimal complaints , but most executives love the Haze Sativa’s and the everyday smokers love the Kush , Sour Diesel , and Blueberry mainly .


eh I guess ill just buy it from here and try it out, its only 50$ for 10 seeds so its pretty cheap

I promise you won’t be disappointed and your plants will be robust and very strong genetics and potent , plus shipping is stealth and guaranteed delivery .

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Yeah, Sour Diesel and Blue Dream, definitely what you’re looking for! Super happy daytime sativas.