Best Sativa Autos?

Anybody got some bean suggestions for some proven Sativa autos worth dropping a few of?


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Think he was asking sativa autos
Not indica autos

I have grown Amnesia Haze auto. Excellent producer. A little touchy regarding ph. I was just learning at the time so it was entirely my fault. I even lost one plant because I nuked it with too much Fox Farm Trio. Also, one of the three foxtailed a bit
Two close to harvest on day 118

This is a bud from the one that foxtailed

Despite my mismanagement got over 280 grams of decent bud dried and cured.
Some buds from the plant in the dry box
Uploading: IMG_0004.JPG…
I have also grown AK-47 photos. Great plant, very dense buds, no significant issues. Some very minor foxtailing very late in flower. Very much recommend if the auto is close to the photo. A couple of the 3 - AKs

Both are ILGM seeds


Ive heard magnum auto is excellent (failed to germ this grow). Hazes and their descendants are excellent. Green crack can be so strong it can knock you out but excellent blend of euphoria and amplification. And even though it’s an indica dominant zkittle is a fantastic energy boosting euphoria that’s more sativa like. Ive also heard great things from Mexican airlines, California snow , purple lemonade, and orange sherbet but that’s for future grows.

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