Best Plants for Juicing

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I’m interested in growing plants to juice. Which seeds should I buy to produce the best plants for juicing?”

Juicing? Like making a… Weed… Fruit smoothie…? I am not a weed culinary expert (culinary grad though), but doesn’t the thc need a lipid or a glucose to bind to? If I was going to make a weed smoothie I would personally make Canna coconut oil then add that to ur juice mixture.


Ooo or use glucose and make tincture more or less then just pour the sugary yummyness in. Buttttt sugar would make it less healthy I guess… Coco oil is pretty healthy. It depends I guess if u just trying to get high or get high on a low calorie diet

Keep talking @Tonyb lol, I’m listening…


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Well see you buy glysiren off like eBay or some shit and like simmer the bud/keef/wax/trim in it n that’s more or less tincture then you blend up some strawberries n banana’s n pour the tincture in n u got a weed strawberry smoothie. My plug in CT would make it n sell vials for like 20$ a pop, but I’m kinda drunk RN n I’ve never made it, but I know DK said it was easy af to make

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