Best pH levels for growing in Soil?

Hi, I’m getting confused about the best/optimal pH levels in my water I feed my plants. Not one site says the same… So, What is the Best pH level for growing in Soil??? Thanks

6.5 is what I am following.




For soil, typically pH 6.2-6.8, with 6.5 being the sweet spot.


What is the soil you are planning on using? That probably has a lot to do with variations you are seeing. When I grew in soil I had the best results staying closer to 6-6.5 range. If I didn’t have reason to do otherwise would usually set ph to about 6.2.


Hi Twerp,
I would say 6.8 is perfect for soil.
Some of the nutrients I add to water make my water about ph5 but when I test my soil ph it come out at 6.5 so pretty bloody good.
I’m of the thought the less you muck around with things the better, I grow in soil and like it.
I just use compost mix, potting mix, coco, perlite, peat moss and mushroom mulch.
Nutes for veg are Hy-gen humibooster and then in flower I’ll use their potash mix. I’m from Australia so you might not know these products.
Cheers mate.

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I’ve always used Organic Soil. I switched to FoxFarm because Bergmann’s was out of my usual Fertilizer so I think that’s the Problem. I found Bergmann’s products doing a search so I switched back. I ordered Calmag too that’s due in today. I pray I don’t lose my two girls!! I also calibrated my pH meter but come to find out it’s Not off! I’m trying to keep the water pH around the 6’s. Thanks!


Hey Hot Dog [love the name}, How do you test your soils Ph??? I’m just a small time time grower and only know how to check my waters Ph. Thanks