Best new year ever!

what a start to the new year im so happy, I felt pins and needles in my right leg!!! :smiley: :smiley: I can only hope all of you have a new year turns out half as good as mine!!!

Sounds like somebody got laid last night…lol

lol I wish! but my dick don’t work lol I have no feeling or movement from chest down but last night I felt a slight pins and needles sensation in my leg, its strange how something that used to be so annoying turns out being awesome!

I sorry Brendan, I didn’t know my friend. Sounds like maybe things are changing for the better for you less hope so.
I remember when the start of pins an needles was an awesome feeling. I lost all feeling from neck down when I fell off a ladder and broke my neck in 1983. I am lucky to have regained the feeling from neck down but still have problems with my arms wanting to do thing I don’t want them to do…lol
So hang in there brother your friend


Glad to hear about you felling… :smiley:

No need to be sorry dude all is good! bloody ladders lots of people die each year falling off them they can be very dangerous at times, before my injuries I used to be a builder and seen plenty of close calls and some injuries with ladders.
I was ran over by a cop who went thru a red light and was speeding the cop tried saying that I ran out in front of him but an elderly couple had a dashboard camera and got it all, the cop would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for them recording, also the cop tested positive to non prescribed amphetamines and was over .05 alcohol. sentenced to 6.5 years and well just like in the USA cops don’t do well in prison here either! :smiley:
but anyway hope you have a good new years!
thanks Lw.
Cheers, Brendan