Best led light for me!

Okay I’m trying to run a full cycle in my 48x36x72 divider Vivosun grow tent. I have a bloomspect 1000 watt light running in the bottom for the seedlings then a 2000 watt light on the top half with a 4 inch intake and exhaust fan set up. The question is the best light for the big section! I was thinking of getting the Agromax AGF 1830 led grow light? What do y’all think

Chip Model: Samsung LM561C-5630
I believe this is an older generation and replaced with LM301B and H.

Big section is ex4x4 right?? Hlg 260 rspec. Imo

@Mark0427 yes it’s a 4x4 so around 3.5x4 with the fan! And I’m a newbie I don’t know what any abbreviations or terms mean

@beardless so what does that mean?

U can’t clip ur fan to one of the poles? I’m not a tent guy, bur I’ve been on the forum long enough to know there r rigid plastic poles, n regular metal tent poles. N I’ve seen many fans attached to the poles n people’s posted pics. As far as the light, I’d suggest doing some research on the inter web, there is plenty of makers N many choices, u will receive many choices here on the forum. My contribution would b don’t buy from China.:grin::v::alien:


Hlg is horticulture lighting group. 260 rspec is the model. If you build your own with hlg components and appropriate drivers there are much better deals. Can make a better hlg light for less than Chinese lights like spider farmer and Mars hydro.

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What I know about LEDs I picked up from this forum, with its knowledgeable people sharing information and also by finding additional information to help me with the purchase of lights.
Samsung is a manufacturer of LED diodes. Epistar and Osram are two others. The two chip models from Samsung I mentioned are two horticultural chips. Think of them, I guess, like Intel’s processors. Like i5, i7 or i9. My analogy maybe off but I think you get the idea. Newer, hopefully better more efficient than the models that preceded them. Sometimes this adage is true and sometimes it is ad hype. In the case of Samsung I believe there is enough data out there that tells me their LM301B diode is one of their premier mid-power light emitting diodes used in grow lights. When it was introduced a couple years ago it was the biggest baddest very efficient LED out there. More recently Samsung brought its LM301H diode on line. I do not know if it is better, more efficient than its 301B, it apparently has some type of sulfur coating that makes is better for horticultural purposes. That is well beyond what I know.
Now it gets even crazier when you start talking about BINs. I understand a BIN to be essentially a grading system. Top BIN means the diode, when tested, meets highest specifications.
What does all of this mean when it comes to buying a good quality light that will produce good weed and trying to make sound decision between price and brands? To a certain extent you have to look under the hood. In your case you asked about Agromax AFS 1830. I simply went to Growagromax to learn more. It said it used Samsung chips. That is a good start. OK, what Samsung chips are in the light? Under its specifications it said Chip Model: Samsung LM561C-5630. OK now I know it is using older technology that is at least one generation old (compared to 301B) and possibly 2x behind if 301H is considered a generational change.
The main point is, as a consumer, you know more about what you are considering. Does it matter? Do other important attributes like spectrum, total PPF and PPFD match up / compare favorably with other lights. Then of course there is price. Service and reputation are other things to consider.
There are a lot of lights out there. Yesterday alone while looking at new post two light sellers / manufactures that I knew nothing about were mentioned. Yours - Agromax and the other being ECO farm. A month or so ago someone mentioned Sonofarm from South Carolina. I was in need of a light so I took a look at its offerings. It uses Samsung 301B, its physical size was what I was looking for as well as its output so I bought the SF4000 to cover an area a little under 3x3.

HLG, Horticultural Lighting Group, is the most referenced light on this forum. So, I use its offerings as a benchmark. A couple weeks ago I needed another light. The HLG 260 rspec fit my need nicely. After reading so much about them I figured it was time to give one a try. I bought the kit, after the DUDE 10% discount paid $315 and it was at my door 4 days later. No buyer remorse there.


Dude i had all my orders from hlg in less that 72 hrs. First order came in 57 hrs from time i hit purchase button 3rd was loke 6 hrs longer and the uva bats cam fast just had the wait til they were restocked lol.

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Should i go with 2xhlg 135 bspec for a 2x4x4 tent laying on its side split in 2 sides for breeding purposes if it matters. Lol. Gonna start to veg some plants and tty to get a good mainling going like @Arrow does and @kaptain3d wanna have me a tlk piece too lol. Working on a journal now just gotta keep up with it now lol


Did you mention mainline (Nugbucket’s style). Yes - Arrow inspired me too

And of course eight colas Nebula’s manifold - again, Arrow’s recommendation

Let’s Grow Some Purple Kush
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I got carried away with this one. 13 colas - topped 3x & manifold