Best Autoflower Seeds for Outdoor Grow in Nevada Heat

Have had good luck with ILGM seeds indoors and trying to grow some outdoors.

What are the best autoflower seeds for outdoor grow in the Nevada heat???


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Hot here in South Carolina, 92 degrees heat index 100 , I’m having good luck with the outdoor mix, OG Kush, SuperSkunk, Amnesia Haze, got keep them checked, I usually water them every 2 day’s, and nuke them with Fox Farm liquid, I’m not a expert but I’m pretty sure those will do well for you

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Seeds from ILGM, will list the best growing conditions.

I live in the Carolinas too, but spent 5 years in Sin City, the environments are not even close.

Happy growing :slight_smile: I


One thing is for sure we have the heat and humidity! I mowed the lawn this morning on a riding lawn mower and took a sweat bath, yeah ILGM seeds are great! I only had like 2 didn’t germinate

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Yeah the dry heat…LOL

I got pots with a cone like inside that is vented and hopefully that will keep the roots cooler and a bit of air to breathe. I also water lightly during the heat and keep the sprouts in the shade till they can take the heat. Enjoy the 4th! Thanks for your reply. I am trying Begman Gold Leaf, OG Kush and Jack Kerer, all autoflowers.

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Happy 4th, keep us posted!

@Nip did ur grows turn out successful in SC? I’m in SC and thinking about trying to grow some outdoors along with an indoor grow. How do they hold up to the heat and humidity here?