Best auto seeds?

1 auto seeds which is the best on the market and which gives the best yield?

2 grow in a tent 240cm X 240cm X 200cm should have led lights on 1200w wondering if I need 2-3?

3 How many plants can I get into the tent and the size of the pots should I have on auto seeds?

4 how do you run the light 24-0 20-4 18-6 12-12?

5 should run fast auto seeds or a little longer? what is the difference? 8 weeks old and under or 8 weeks and over?

So want to get out as much as possible in the best way with led lights and auto seeds.
Ideally, as quickly as possible too

I would suggest looking in the Shop for auto’s, read the description and determine which are best for you. No one can really tell you what you would like. All of our seeds are high quality, and have a high germination rate. I have seen no real issues or complaints since i have been here. :slight_smile:

I don’t do LED; So, you will get assistance from one of our other experts on that.

Run no more than 18/6 light period. Too many growers put no thought to the fact; That: All plants need to rest. Peace

The LED system itself should tell you what area it covers. If you want to be very exact you need to find out the total lumens or FLUX produced by the unit and then you can find recommendations for minimums for square meter coverage related to lumens or FLUX.

Wattage is not the same as for HID MH or HPS to LED wattage usage and does not necessarily represent the coverage area. With HID, yes you would want about 1000 to 1200 watts for that size floor space. I would use 2 x 600w HPS, that would be my personal preference for those dimensions with HID, but yes you could use 2 x 1000 watt MH or HPS with lots of ventilation and or an enclosed hood.

As far as a light schedule for autoflower strains, I keep hearing and being reminded that they are ruderalis hybrids and as such grow in the arctic circle where it may get 24 hours of light for up to 6 months a year. I think I recall Jodie mentioning Robert recommended a 20/4 cycle for part of their life cycle, so that is the most I can say on that until Jodie or Robert may state more precisely the recommended light schedule.

I believe you are right, MacG…I have friends that recommend 20/4. And; Of course there is Robert’s recommendation. :smiley: I just cannot bring myself to push my plants to the max. I like to relax. :mrgreen:

Hey thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
is this you mean?

Lamp Luminous Flux (lm):
Lamp Luminous Efficiency (lm / w):

I obviously want to do the best to see if the led lights and auto seeds.
is it new or just a big disappointment.

so if I want good results on auto seeds so should I run 18-6? becomes time-circle the same then? can harvest after such 60 days or will it take longer?

the reason why I question so much is because I read so much everywhere and everyone says so different so I thought to ask you, then when I got my answers so I run simply: D

how many plants do you think one can get into my tent at 240cmx240cmx200cm

has 3 1200w led lights that I can put in and the sizes of the pots how big will they be?

best regards

Here are some articles to read and look into that might give some more of the information you are looking for.