Bergmans seedling feed ppm nutrient levels for initial feed schrdule

Okay, I bought Bergmans fertilizer feed when I bought seeds from ILGM website. Feed schedule says 500ppm for 2weeks of seedling stage, but when I mix the solution it is only 127ppm’s. I am using a 1/2 tsp. Someone please set me straight. Thanks.

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What water are you using?
You should also measure while stirring…Particulates can fall out of suspension very quickly.

Using RO ph of 6.2. Water ppm is only 43. I am using a 1/2 tsp per gal. Using 1 gal containers to mix. Thanks for trying to help me.

Bu seedlings do you mean they still have cots? Those will feed plants until they start to die off. What is growing medium?

Organic soil

What are cots?

Which organic soil? Chances are the soil is amended with nutrients as well.

Cotyledons, they are the first little round leaves.

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