Bergman's Own Nutrients - Confused

Following ‘Bergman’s Plant Food Feeding Schedule Hydro’ and I am confused with a section on the use and ‘when to’ apply the ‘Plant Booster’

After week 6 of ‘Flowertime Fertilizer’ the schedule gives another ‘Week 6’? - but with ‘Plant Booster’. This line of instruction is also repeated at/after ‘Week 7’

I can’t see it meaning just one only ‘week’ of each 6 and 7 and that both ‘Flowertime Fertilizer’ AND ‘Plant Booster’ are used in the same cycle??

Or does it actually mean to flush as usual, prior to a weeks’ start of new nutrients and ONLY use this ‘Plant Booster’ on its OWN - as this would be the only way to get a ppm of 100 and EC of 0.2 - thus giving two extra ‘weeks’ of growing time when doubling ‘Week 6’ and ‘Week 7’

Any input of experience with Bergman’s nutrients @latewood - can you help, I think this may be your area of expertise?

Hi @CaptJack67

I am currently using ILGM/flower power nutrients and have been for a while. I use an amended coco based soillless medium call roots organic. I PH at 5.8, water every 2-3 days to significant runoff, and add nutrients at 1/4 to 1/3 dosage. I don’t flush.

The exception for me is boost. I use full strength (.24ec for hydro) and I add it in right along with my 1/4 dosage (.6ec hydro) of flower/bloom nute for those two weeks. Total added EC is .84

The timing is also a little weird. I started boost this week, which is week 8 since I went to 12/12. I built in a few weeks to account for a transition from veg to flower, based on how long before I saw actual flowering. Whether this is the right strategy remains to be seen.

Good luck. I haven’t run into a lot of folk that use this line, it’s kinda expensive. I am interested in how it works for you.