Beginning of hermaphroditism?


Matt, I was looking at my plants this morning and noticed something that looks different on them. Is this the beginning of becoming a hermafrodite? What are these called if not?

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Looks like swollen calyx. Appears to have pistols coming out so you should be good to go


Had not noticed them until today. So these are the beginnings of a flower/bud?

@Originalgazelle. Would it be worth it to take a look at one opened ?
Just a thought. :thinking:. That way you would be able to see if something has started.
Seeds. :v: Or it could be what they said. :point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2: Just swollen calyx.

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She’s a female just swollen calyx like @BobbyDigital suggest as long as pistols or coming out your good.

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Been looking online is well and I guess it is a swollen calyx


Yup, what the others said. Swollen calyx :v:


I could tell already with the lack of trichome production something was wrong
This was the plant next to it

Looking good and she’s very healthy.

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