Beginner's Strawberry Kush SCROG

So I’ve done some half ass grow’s in the past but this my first serious attempt, and which I decided to give my luck a go at SCROG. I’m not disappointed by any means, so figured I would sure my “success” and see if I could get any pointers as I’m already started my next grow (White Widow)

Overview of the grow, still got some time left but getting near the end.

Little close up of the branches.

Had some issue along the way (dam spider mites) but nothing major and nothing that I couldn’t recover from.

But I am looking to increase my yield with my White Widow grow so any suggestions/comments/concerns please let me know.


Looking good there @BrandX :+1::v::sunglasses:
I’ve never grown WW so no help there but give it a few I’m sure you’ll get plentiful of answers
@Matthew420 is grow them I think maybe he can jump in
Good luck bro

Looks good to me bro, keep up the good work. Curious as to what the red strings? Are for

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I just scrog’d and watered and they grew :slight_smile: No big tips :frowning:

They just grow crazy on their own :slight_smile:

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Nice job of scrogging . You should throw that up for Bud of the Month for Feb. :+1:

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Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 ! I’ll keep ya posted with how it goes!

@Dankgrower88 The red strings are actually just pipe cleaners, my branches where a little uneven height wise so I used them to help bend em to a more equal height

@Matthew420 That’s all I did here, with the help on some ILGM nutrients - Glad to hear my WW should go just as easy!

@tee3737 Thanks man, I went cheap and just used strings, which unsure if was best way to go some of branches had no problem pushing the string out of the way. My plan is to upgrade my screen once I cut this one down…haven’t figure out exactly what I want to use but I’ll be happy to share pictures as they come.

As far as bud of the month I’ve seen some crazy pictures here so not sure I could compete but I would certainly throw my name in for the running!

On a separate note I just want to thank all of you for taking a moment out of your busy grow schedules to help a newbie out.


Actually zoomed in on the pic and noticed that, love the injinuity :+1::ok_hand::+1:

Are you running LED?

@Dankgrower88 thanks!, there soft on the plant but still sturdy enough to hold the branches in place

@Kush5 yea currently running the mars hydro reflective series, no complaints here, however again this is my first serious grows, I’ve half assed some outdoors ones and a few with CFL’s, this light has put them to shame but unsure how it stands up against others.

Plan on cutting her shortly, pretty cloudy from what I can tell. MY concern with cutting is, from what i can tell, that the best time to cut is right before the lights come on. My question is if i’m to trim all the leaves off prior to hanging seems like no matter what it’ll be in the light for an hour while trimming, so would it be ok to assume the best bet would be to trim all the leaves off the day before i put in a 36 dark period and then just cut and hang? Or will this hurt the plant more and is it better just to cut and let it be in the light an hour while i trim up?


Decided to take her out and cut her down, WW sprouted and ready to go!


Hey nice harvest man good job @BrandX

@Nug-bug Thanks! I can’t complain, still working curing it but ended up with about 3 oz’s. Hoping some of the tips i gotten will lead to getting QP+ off the WW, but i shall keep everyone updated.