Beginner needs HELP pls

In need of some guidance. I’m running happy frog soil with Gaia green 444 wormcasting top dressings every 3rd week. Any recommendations?!


what’s your temp and RH? what pH have you been feeding?

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What exactly are you concerned about? Your plant looks fine to me.


I used Gaia green for for about two years and it’s a solid product:

Things to remember when using organic, don’t let the soil dry out too much, I’m not saying keep it soaked. You have living bacteria in the soil that aids in plant nutrition uptake and it’s important to keep that colony happy.

Iv found with Gaia green less it more. I used 1 tsp per gallon of soil every three weeks. This what I found worked great,
may vary for you.

To me it looks like the lighting intensity might be a touch high or was at one point?

Other than that I agree they look great and no need for concern.


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