Beginner need help with clone

Anyone have any idea what is going on with my girl???

I think it looks like something is chewing on it.

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My cat can unzip a tent. I have to be careful to get the door latched. She got in once and ate all the bottom leaves. Natural pruning.

But if you look close at the last pic it looks like a bug is on the stalk.


Top left corner, good eyes @Stomper !

@Pollo831 … like stomper said you got bugs, check bottom picture, top left corner (its probably not the cat)

Edit: I think its a thrip ?

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@garrigan62 Will, what do you make of the bug in his last picture (top left corner) that stomper mentioned? Isn’t it a thrip ?

I aggre

They are small cigar-shaped insects with long, narrow fringed wings. They are tiny and just visible to the naked eye. There are many different species and most cause injury to plant tissue. A heavy infestation of thrips can cause severe damage to foliage and even and fruit as their rasping/sucking mouth parts scrape the tissue and extract plant juices.



Chemical Controls for Thrips

There are many different products labeled for controlling thrips:

Bonide Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew
Bonide Eight
Bayer Advanced Natria Insect, Disease & Mite Control
Bayer Advanced All-in-One Rose & Flower Care
ORTHO Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Killer


I didn’t see it @kabongster, @Stomper caught it!

@garrigan62 Thanks Will

@Pollo831 …it could be worse, they could be spider mites :frowning:
-best wishes

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Great catch on that photobombing thrip!

Gotcha @Paranorman…you helped bring attention to it, too, tho!