Beginner here, well i have not done this for 36 years

Back when I turned 18 and had my own apartment, I decided to grow some weed. I told my mother my plan and she started to tell me what I needed. This woman could grow giant tomatoes in a thimble. So when she started to list things that I would need I looked at her and said lets just go and buy it. We spent about $200.00. We got to my apt and started putting it together. Hydro grow in an extra bed room. This was basically her growing weed in my home. She set it up and would come over every day and tend it. 6 months later I had 4 Christmas trees in that extra room. I really did not learn much about growing weed other than just staying out of her way. She died 20 years ago and I still miss her to this day. OH I almost forgot, She had to play music for the plants 24/7. The music of choice was the Beatles.

So now here I am and I am getting ready to do a stealth grow. I have been reading a lot and this is the site that I keep coming back to. I like it here and I think I will just pull up a chair and work on my grow.

I have not bought anything yet, but I do have a plan. I am going with a tent, CFLs and growing in soil. I will get my seeds from this site.

The very first thing I have to do is go over to my sisters house and get all those 8 tracks and that 8 track player so the plants are in the right mood.


Well my friend;’ Welcome to our Community. That was a touching story :frowning: I like your idea to make a plan before going forward.

I have to say that although I have used cfl over the years; I have not done so in years. Not enough* light for what you want to do. I suggest you buy a T5 lamp to start with, and then find a 400 watt digital HID lamp for late veg, and flowering.

You will also need an extraction fan to refresh the air in the tent at regular or set intervals.

We can help you all the way. If you want to follow my advice; I will post links to the 2 lamps you need to be successful.

  • If you are talking ab out a 125-200 watt cfl. Go for it!

Hey thanks, post the links, I would appreciate any help to get me headed in the right direction. The fan that I have picked out is going to be the most expensive thing that I am starting with, mainly because this thing has to be almost silent. 150 to 200 watt CFLs is what I was looking at. Rather than getting the small twisties, I was going to go with the bigger ones. 2 2700k and 2 6500k. Then later hang some of the twisties down the sides to fill in the dark spots. You see I have been doing a little research. Although I have not ruled out the t5s. I am not really worried if I dont get monster plants. I would like to work of the quality.

Part of my plan is to grow some smoke, harvest then grow some veggies, then more smoke. I am really doing this because I am boarded as hell and I want some smoke.

I have some medical issues and I live with my daughter right now. I dont want her to know, but if she finds out it wont be a big deal.

I wish you well. T5 are not for massive plants. T5 is for babies.

I look forward to your informed grow :slight_smile:

This is the digital lamp:

Here is the T5 system I bought:

Here you go :slight_smile:

Thank you, My ducks are lining up

Here we go.

I have decided on a tent 36"x 20"x 60". this is what will fit it the space that I have and leave a little space between the walls and the tent for circulation around the tent.
A very nice 6" inline fan w/speed control, ultra quite. 6" carbon filter.
I’m still undecided on the lights. If money was of no concern I would just get led’s and be done with it, and because of the way I want to set it up size is a concern. I am thinking of splitting the tent W/a vertical partition so I can veg in one side and flower in the other. I am questioning myself if this is even possible. I would like to see if I can do it. Again if money was no object I would just double everything and go for it. Hell I was even thinking about growing tomatoes in one side. This all will decided after my first harvest so I can get a little more creative after I burn some smoke, or the more knowledgeable of you out there think that I am out of my mind. (which is more of a probability than a possibility)
There is already a RO system in the house, I will just change the filters.
Going to use smart pots, 3gal. will build a rack out of pvc pipe to keep the plants from sitting in water and get air under them.
Soil to begin with is going to be Fox Farms Happy Frog and nutes. Might try Ideal 420 later.
Ph meter, timer, thermometer and other miss things.

Around $600.00 including ILGM seeds to start.

Please feel free to tell me where I am wrong. I have been married twice and I dont think you can hurt my feelings.

I want to thank every one on here, Without all the information on this site I would not even trying this. I feel a trust factor here that I I don’t feel on a lot of other sites.

Started ordering all the parts necessary for my grow. Went to the local hydro store and all they did was piss me off. Prices were over the top. The only thing I might buy from them and I repeat MIGHT is fox farms soil and nutes. otherwise they can go to hell.
Placed my order for seeds and now I am going to build some stands to put the smart pots on to keep them from sitting in the water.

NIce concept. a 20x30 tent is small for splitting. If you get 1 gallon pot for vetgging plant and use 3 gallon on flower side. It might work, but it is going to be tight in there.

I have always bought my hydro stuff off ebay since 2005 with no issues… I am pretty sure I could get everything you need off of ebay fir 300-400. Possibly including a larger tent, but you said that was your space…

I am willing to help you find further deals if you get stuck. :wink:

I am really impressed how much help you are and this site is. I have read most of the posts and have learned so much. I am a beginner grower, just finishing my 3rd grow. The 1st one was a disaster. The plants grew too tall,had a male pollinate others but I did get some smoke and didn’t give up.
I cloned a few of the better plants and the next grow turned out much better. One thing I left out is where I got my 1st seeds from. I brought them back from Jamaica and thought It was really great smoke. Well after reading all the posts for help I finally ordered some seeds from ILGM and WOW what a difference.
I now see the difference between indicative and sativa strains. The bought 4 different flavors and they are ready for harvest. Most of the main colas are the size of my arm. I am not kidding, 10-12" long, 4-5" round they are also almost dripping the sticky goo.(ooh they smell soo good) There is a HUGE difference in the seeds and practice makes a much better grow. THANKS ILGM and all of the moderators

Chazman, the people on here are great. I have been sifting through most all the other sites and found this one is one that I can trust.
Latewood, thank you for your help. The space that I have is a real issue but it is what it is for now. I ordered the Light House 36x20x50 for 92.00 I thought real hard about the 48x24x60 but was afraid that the overall size was to big so I went with the smaller size for now. When my living situation changes I will get a bigger tent. I just couldn’t put in the garage because where I live it gets to hot and keeping the tent temp down would be a real issue.
My seed were shipped today. Tent and other supply’s shipped yesterday. Blew my budget, oh well. I had dinner a couple of nights ago with a friend and he introduced me to someone that grows and has for a while. I told him my plan and he liked it but has some tweaks for me. he uses 420 soil for a few of his plants and said he likes it. he said that it grows some killer tomatoes and is going to give me some. He doesn’t CFLs he uses MH for his indoor grow. One thing that I am finding out is there is more people than you know doing this. They are everywhere

I am super excited and cannot wait to get going.

I built this to keep smart pots from sitting in the water. Really was not that cheep,but it is strong. I can stand on it.

Ok I got the inline fan vortex s 6". Dam thing looks like a jet engine, man does that thing have some suck. Going to order a speed control so I can slow it down a little. Got my lights, 1 250 watt cfl 6400k and 1 250 watt cfl 2700k with reflector. I will do some side lighting. The tent size is small so I am going to only grow 2 plants at a time. Tent and filter should be here tomorrow. The friend showed up with 420 soil and some buds that he grew in it. I have a few other misc things to get but now it s getting down to waiting on my seeds and then get to work.

I found this statement on another forum and thought it was funny and true.

“That’s the problem with following peoples advice it’s hard to know what advice is the best.
I’ve seen led grows that are better than hps grows but then I’ve seen cfl grows that are better than led grows and every which way you can think of!! It’s not suprising that the newbie grower like myself has such a hard time deciding which way to go with lighting. And that’s not even stating on hydro or coco or soil or range of nutes or pot sizes or scrog or sog or supercropping or topping or fimming or hanging upside down hopping on 1 foot praying to create the perfect zen in the grow environment!!! Lmao”

I had something prolific to say, but I think I want to read this again manana! My Brother. Peace

Well I really would like to say that I was excited to start my first grow, but since the seeds that were shipped feb 20 have not showed up. I checked my order, they told me to contact them after April 3. Thats is 43 days from the day that they shipped. Then what after that? Now I was informed that we are moving in june so even if I get them before April 3, I wont start a grow now and then have to move it. At least the tomato plant looks good.