Beginner Grow Moby dick xxl Auto + Big Kush Photoperiod

Hey I am a beginner and this is my first grow
I am looking for support from the members of the community.
So i had successfully germinated two seeds(Big Kush-Photoperiod and Moby dick xxl- autoflower) by the soaking in the cup and subsequently the paper towel method post which i had got 5mm taproot out of both the seeds. After which i transplanted the seeds in a mix of potting soil(30%), vermicompost(30%), coco peat(30%) and topped it with a handful of Perlite(10%) in a 6" dia pot height 9". I am an impatient grower so i fiddled with my seeds a bit checking to see the progress. Post which i observed in the morning today that the big kush had been growing under a lump of soil with green leaves horizontally with the roots exposed so with a forceps i planted them in the soil with the root down and the green leaves upwards and left them on the window sill of my bathroom(which gets diffused light).

The moby dick also had cotyledons under a lump of soil which i removed and with the forceps made it straight but the cotyledons seeem very yellow but the root going in the soil is white with a tinge of pink(I am assuming thats healthy so i have planted it in the same pot with just the cotyledons over the surface and the roots down.

I am just concerned if both plants are growing healthy and how long before the leaves sprout out properly.
This is the furth day they have been transplanted into the growing medium.

Any support from an experienced grower would be helpful.

Any pics

-Moby Dick xxl Auto

-Big Kush Photo

I’m no expert now but maybe not getting enough light and go easy on watering soil look very wet but dont stress to much just keep researching few hours in the sun will do wonder

Thanks man should i pop them under my grow lights?

What have you got ?some grow lights are too much for the little ladies I would look it up but I’m thinking 100-watt will be enough for now as I said don’t stress you could have just gotten a dodgy seed the little green one looks a bit crinkly but could turn out just fine I’ve had the seeds like that turned out perfectly normal

the grow light is

Fluortronix 50Watt IP65 LED Full Spectrum Light

3 nos in a 2’X2’X4’ grow cabinet lined with mylar with an inbuilt exhaust and a fresh air fan mounted on the side

Would be better under the sun tbh do a bit more research on lights and stay away from Amazon lights most of them are rubbish and don’t water for few days

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