Beginner - 2nd grow - are these seedlng leaves ok?

Hello ILGM fam!

I just started my 2nd outdoor autoflower grow. One of the seedlings (Gold Leaf Auto) is showing some odd leaf characteristics.

I planted the germinated seeds directly outdoors in 5 Gal bags. 1 pound of NATURES LIVING AUTOFLOWER CONCENTRATE in the bottom of each bag mixed with FOXFARM potting soil to fill the bag 1/3 of the way. Topped off the rest with just FOXFARM. I ran out of FOXFARM a little early, so the bags are about 75-80% full. Since planting, it has rained a TON (and hard) in upstate New York, but the little guys have persevered so far.

Any ideas of what I am seeing with one of the 2 seedlings? I posted pictures of both below. Is this an inauspicious beginning, or just how things go sometimes?

Many Thanks,

Looks like something been chewing on the lower one. Upper looks fine. Would look into mosquito bits.

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