Beginner 1st grow needs help :)

Hey guys, 1st post 1st indoor grow.
I got 5 bubblegum seeds from ilgm all 5 are growing , they are abit stretched 3 look good 2 are abit stunted. I’m using jiffy pellets they have been growing for 1 week and now showing true leaves.
I am waiting until I see roots before transplanting into 70-30 coco perlite blend .
50 - 60% humidity 20c - 30c temp
Running 140 true watts full spectrum led for vege
Have big 440 true watt led for flowering
4x4 tent
6" Oscillating fan

I have a few questions for you knowlegable folk.
When I transplant the jiffys I have seen two differing opinions on how deep to plant them? ,

one says plant just below first set of leaves and the stem will sprout roots.
I would prefer this method as they are stretched and it would anchor them better and keep hight down

2nd opinion states planting jiffy deep would run the risk of root rot or stem rot .

Also I have purchased canna coco plus do I have to flush this coco product because of salt build up before use?

I’m using ph d hard water no chlorine with heavily dialuted amount of nutes just wilt gaurd and regenaroot from cx. At this stage.

If anyone has answers to my questions or advice on other things I don’t know about yet please leave a message I really appreciate it .


I know the knowledgeable people here like to see pics if possible. II do not know a lot, but you can up the humidity at this stage a little. They can start out with 70%, and work it down so when they reach flower, it will be down to 40-50% humidity.
25c is a better daytime temp that 30(86%) if you can manage it.

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@Beginner Welcome to the forum. To answer you in short, if you plant them deep as you said, you wouldnt hurt them more than likely. I have done that with two of my babies and they are growing well and rooted well. I am not an expert by any means, but I have gardened for years and though this is my first mj grow, its very similar. Sounds like you have a good setup as well. I am going to link in some others that are far better and experienced than I am to maybe give you a hand and their help if needed.

@bob31 @Ray4x @oldpro


Hey @Tr33 thanks for your quick reply here are some pics , yes i agree about humidity and have just got my hands on a humidifier as air is dry where i live.
temp is set to rise as going into summer. hopefully i dont have to use ac.

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@cyberblast Thanks for your quick reply, appreciate it if you have a topic posted so i can follow you please post, i have grown outdoors for years, now im in the city decided to make the change. i am learning hopefully.

They are stretching for the light real bad. Might want to lower the light if you can and probably get there permanent home ready for transplant.


yeah the light is about a foot above them , should i lower it?
they seemed to have stopped stretching since putting them under led , had them under a 24w cfl for germination , i think thats what did it :frowning:
what do you recommend?

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I have buried plants to the first set of leaves in the past with no problems, but I would wait for others to chime in before making a decision. the one thing I would caution you on is, you are growing from seed and therefore have a tap root. you don’t want that tap root to hit the bottom of the grow container. make sure u have plenty of depth BEYOND the excess of plant you are going to bury.i want to say 9" is minimum depth but I would go 12" to be sure. again, wait for others to chime in here :slight_smile:


@oldpro Thanks for your input , this leaves me with a conundrum as the pots im going to use are only a foot deep… 10l air-pots. my grow space is small so i decided on small pots hopefully others can shine a light on my situation.

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my info may be outdated. I’m just getting back into it again. wait for some other opinions :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend a 5 gallon pot, but then I’m a soil guy. I think you were using something else

On the jiffy pots, don’t worry at all and plant them as deep as you wish, even to the point of stripping some leaves. The plant will root anywhere along its length. I’ve never had a problem with depth under the newly transplanted jiffy pot, by the way.


Put them in there pots now man because there really looking for that light and dont want em snapping


Change pots+ drop the light she’ll be right as three left corners :wink:


Are you going to be growing inside or outside?

Those are Photoperiod plants and they need a bit bigger pot. they will outgrow a 10L pot in a few weeks. You need like a 20L pot if there is such a thing. 5 Gallon pots her in the US

Auto 3 Gallon
Photo 5 Gallon
Auto 5 Gallon
Photo 7 Gallon (or more)

If you use low light and small pots you will also wind up with a sub par grow and harvest. I realize we sometimes have to cut corners to work things into what we can do, but I just want you to understand what you are looking at.

If you intend to bury those in those pots , I would try and remove that outer layer of mesh or whatever it is.

This sounds like a soilless grow.

My advice would be to transplant into an intermediate pot size so that you aren’t mixing a ton of nutes for little plants. You really don’t need to be in fabric pots until they are at the point of final transplant IMO for soilless. This will allow you to water to runoff and still realistically expect the roots to dry quickly enough to avoid root rot.

You can bury the stem to the first node without issue. You may want to put some rooting powder on prior to transplant and Mykos is always good.


@Beginner glad to have ya here. I am on my first indoor grow as well. Grown some by scattering bag seed years back but thats about it. Got some back from that slight effort. Was some better than what I had got with the mexican weed but as far as any else. Just normal gardening for veggies every year. I saw your photos and hope you get them transplanted soon as stretched as they are. Plus either move the light closer or get a better light. I grow under some china led’s and also a t5 florescent I like the t5 since you can put it inches away from your plants and the led’s, well, I wouldnt put them closer than about 12 to 14 inches. Thats the 600 watt led’s I have. Anyway, once you get those girls of yours transplanted and plant them deep to keep them from breaking, you should be good to go. I would go ahead and put them in your large pot, at least 3 to 5 gallon.

You will need maybe one other oscillating fan when those ladies get about a foot taller on the opposite side from your other one. I got a 12 inch running and it puts out a bunch of wind. I will be putting another on the opposite side, but likely a 6 inch like you have. In my baby tent I have 4 bag seeds growing and a couple of clones off my gold leaf gal. The clones are still rooting so hope they make it. They are looking a bit wilty today so not sure. But still green. The bag seeds are growing good. Already on their third set of leaves and about 3 inches tall after replotting them. I put them in their 5 gallon smart pots and put them deep because they had stretched some. Also added some small stakes to make sure they stayed straight. They pretty little “gals”? Dont know since they are bag seeds. Most likely regular seeds so any or all of the bag seeds sprouted will be male. 3 out of 4 on avg are males. In this case, thats okay since I wanted to try to grow my own seeds. Thats why I popped the bag seeds. Just an experiement. Plus, I just like to grow things.

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10L pots are doable but it becomes very important that you feed regular and keep close eye on ph entire grow since your plants will tend to get root bound which can send you mixed signals. The pots will limit size of your plants and therefore your yields as well so your veg time would have to be shortened some and flushes done more often being that you have less medium for roots they will need watering more often. I keep clones in even smaller pots for my mothers but it is intentional as I want to limit their growth until I decide I want cuttings again and when I say smaller I mean 6" pots in said pots they hit about 12" and look far from pleased after a couple of months :wink: Most of my plants end up in 3-5 gal final pots for flower a 10L pot is roughly 2.5 gal so will sustain a 16-18" plant easy enough just less forgiving. Your medium soil helps to buffer ph and store nutrients and moisture for your plants as they get more root bound the buffering effect is reduced so roots will actually trigger ph shifts. Roots are like skin they die and regrow constantly a healthy soil environment has space for other organisms to eat and process unhealthy plant matter a root bound environment does not since fresh root growth is most absorbent and productive.
The theory is quite simple if you use small pots expect smaller plants and adjust schedule accordingly

one says plant just below first set of leaves and the stem will sprout roots.

I would prefer this method as they are stretched and it would anchor them better and keep height down… ANSWER: GO FOR IT. That’s what I do with my seedlings just for that very same reason

I’m using ph d hard water no chlorine with heavily dialuted amount of nutes just wilt gaurd and regenaroot from cx. At this stage. ANSWER: NO NUTRIENTS AT ALL at this stage. Not untill they have 4 to 5 true sets of leafs

Hope I Have answered your questions


I’m use 3 gal for autos and five for photos indoor out side 15 gal or bigger

like this