Beautiful colors are starting to show!

I’m finally happy to see some red and purple colored plants! This is only my 4th grow. I decided to add two additional light bars (FGI 360nm to 400nm UV-A LED grow lights) to my 400w ACE infinity LED lights. I hear this will help increase the THC / CBD / Terpenes. They say it also helps with production of colors. I’m also turning down the temps at night 10 degrees (74 day - 62 night)… I think the combination of UVA lights and dropping the temps is the reason I’m seeing such kool colors. I thought I’d show my grow… Any advice welcome…I’m in the last two weeks of harvest.


Loving the colors. Cooler temps will bring them out.

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Looks great :+1: what strain ?

Beautiful flowers friend thanks for sharing! What strain?


Thanks, its God Father OG fem. I can’t wait to try it! Smells funky