Fall colors have begun

Night time temps are dropping to the low 40’s and high 30’s and the fall colors are beginning to show. Harvest is coming soon!


Awesome colors, I’m getting some but nothing like that, also my temps are not close to yours either but it’s working out. Keep up the bud pics please…

Wicked brother i can’t wait til its harvest time here!! Good job :clap:t2: man what strain thay?

Thanks! The colors are just starting I think. Going down to 36 tomorrow, these girls are strong and hardy. They’ve lived outside their whole lives, withstood temps from the mid 30’s to the mid 100’s and built up strength withstanding winds gusts of 60 mph. Beautiful plants!

AC/DC and OG KUSH strains


I do love some o.g. Kush , one of my all time favorite strains.

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing :heart::v::sunglasses: