BB auto has only 3 leaves

My girls is going on 4 weeks old and all leaves only in sets of 3. Is the ruderals being dominant in this plant going to effect the thc production?

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huh. cool. i have no idea what it means

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I didn’t think much of it at 2 weeks only but I assumed it would grow out of it. Guess I should drop another bean Incase it doesn’t produce.

it looks healthy and fine. drop another bean for insurance but keep it going. ive seen some cool phenos. she might just surprise you

At this point I am going to let her go for sure. Got 2 more coming up as well but the chances they will all do it is very slim

@raustin have you seen anything like this?

i did some checking. it looks like ruderalis can have 5 or more leaves, not limited to 3. Idk why yours would not have a good yield. have you grown a three leafed girl and she didnt yield much

First 3leaf I have come across. From what I read there are different opinions on it.

Yes, you can really see the ruderalis in this plant, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be a great plant. Let her grow, she’ll probably surprise you.


I am going to let her grow. Like you said you never know.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 whatcha think :thinking:

Every time I’ve grown (cem dog) its grown just like that… and it was fire every time… :grin:
I know that you said this was a different strain but who knows… :wink:


Sometimes they grow this ruderalis way. Breeding etc. Its produce thc. I have many.

Other than some training (supercrop and scrog ) I will treat her like a princes and tell her she’s beautiful everyday. Hopefully she will treat me right.

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It’s fine. Not uncommon at all for blueberry