Bazoo's first run

Just watered the kids again, they also got a new home. A gorilla 4x4 shorty with the extension. Shorty is an understatement, even with the extension on. It fits well in my height restricted basement. This will be my Veg tent. I’m not sure what I’m going to get for lights, probably more HLG stuff. For now these kids are happy under the little T5. I just need to monitor the temps now that they are in a bigger space.
Anyhow they all got 3 oz. of 6.8 RO water with a very light dose of calmag.
I raised the light as suggested. Starting to see some second nodes. The poor Gelato girl is just struggling along with one Cotelydon. she’s slouched and miserable. I have faith in her though. I’ve seen some near dead plants brought back on this forum. Maybe she will join the ranks.


I watered again quickly this morning RO 6.5 3 oz. each. I didn’t get any pics but they have grown a little more. I have another infinity T6 cloudline and a HLG 320 rspec. on the way. Also going to try an inkbird to help with the weather inside. I figure that will get me started with Veg while the other 2 gypsies finish up in the other tent.


Watered again today. 6.7 with light calmag and a very small dose of Dr. Earth flower and bloom. They are growing steadily minus the poor Gelato girl. Not seeing too many roots yet. I will keep them in solos until I know they have filled the cups with roots. I want them to hold together for transplant.

Set up HLG 320 xl. 48 inches over plants at low power. Korona app read 150 ppfd. watered and fed also. 3-5 oz. each - cal mag at 3ml/G and another super light dose of Dr. Earth flower girl. PH 6.5 @ 350 ppm. some roots are showing but not enough to transplant.
Monitoring environment at 78 F and 60-70 RH.
Looking forward to transplanting and switching to 18/6 next weekend if everything looks good.

kids are doing well. noticed some new growth since the light change. Lowered the light 6 inches today. seeing more roots as well. The gelato girl is hanging in there… literally growing on the soil, no real stem yet. The Girl Scout Cookies seem a little taller while the Cherry Pies seem a little shorter with tighter node spacing. I haven’t had any “stretchers”. The bud is a Blissful Wizard in another tent.


water and calmag 3ml/g roots are starting to fill the solos.

transplant is done. used happy frog with perlite and mykos as per @Hellraiser methods. I also gave them 1/4 dose of week 1 advanced nutrients. PH 6.4 @210 ppm.
There are 8 pots. I mixed one gallon of nutes and divided it between the 8 plants watering/feeding around the perimeter. I’m not convinced this was “enough” water/feed to medium ratio. Should I mix up another gallon and try to saturate more of the medium ? I didn’t wet the soil at all before any of this. It came out of the bag, mixed with perlite, and into pots.
A side note is that two of the eight are actually clones that i had clipped from my other girls at the same time i popped these seeds. To my amazement, they both had roots today so I moved them into new homes. I clipped, dipped in gel, trimmed leaves a little and left them with the seedlings on the same schedule. I can’t believe they both took, it was just an experiment.
the gelato girl is still in her solo… not enough roots yet but she is growing!! She might just be a solo cup entry…
I have 9 healthy kids to veg. I’m pumped they have all lived, it could become a space issue at some point as I didn’t expect them all to thrive.
They have been under 24/7 light. The light will turn off for 2 hours tonight so I can monitor the environmental changes with lights out. I plan to slowly dial this to 18/6 as I am able to gain control over temp/humidity changes during lights out.
pic is awful, my iphone camera is jacked up.


switched to 18/6
water and calmag 3ml/g ph 6.3

Fed the kids a half dose of AN PH 6.5 @ 420ppm. 2 gallons divided between 6 plants and 2 clones. I must say they are on cruise control at this point. I know that will all change soon enough. I’m noticing that the GSC is a taller plant (at this stage anyway) than the Cherry Pie. The CP just seems more stout with tighter nodes, not that the GSC is stretched, just a wee bit leggier and further spaced between nodes.
It’s getting close to topping time.
I’m assuming I start counting nodes at the first leaves above the cotelydons? @Covertgrower @Hellraiser




CP 1

CP 2

Gelato Solo

Clone of an unknown

Blissful Wizard clone taken at the beginning of flower

Sky view of the tent.


Yes that’s correct.


just gave them their first dose of neem oil. I’m thinking it will be the last dose as well. Not a fan of how it smells or how the plants reacted. i think they all would have ran away if they had legs.
I might just take my chances without it. I have spinosad and BT that I can use as needed.

I got neem oil, but my auto started flowering so I didn’t get to use it for my gnat problem. Captain Jack’s, Mosquito bites, yellow sticky traps all helping keep the numbers low though. I’ll reapply the mosquito bits before watering tonight and tomorrow I’m going to try sprinkling some diatomaceous earth.

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yeah, i have all those things as well. I know neem is more of a preventative thing. I like the idea of it preventing disease, rot, and mildew. I can see it all dried up on my leaves today, meh… I’m gonna pass on this stuff until I feel like it’s worth the stink, mess, and stress to the plants.

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fed this morning 1/2 dose AN veg nutes, cal mag and 1/2 dose of fishsh!t
PH 6.45 @ 560ppm.
they are ready for topping this week.


3 GSC and 3 CP have been topped over the 4th node. it helped even the canopy out as the GSC were getting tall. Definitely more light hitting the lower branches now. I will give them a few days and then clean up the bottom growth. The solo cup gelato and 2 clones were spared today. Still not sure how I will train those 3 plants.
Considering options for a third tent or possibly building a dedicated flower room in my basement.


@Covertgrower @Hellraiser One of the girl scout’s bottom leaves have spots. I’m thinking maybe I spilled on them last feeding? It’s only the two bottom leaves on one plant. Their last feed was on Monday, I’m not sure why this is showing up today. What do you guys think? thank you.
Also they got calmag only pH6.6 @ 300ppm today and I tucked some leaves. The bottom branches on the GSC’s are really small in comparison to the Cherry’s.

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Yeah, looks like spilled water/nutes, no biggie.


Yep :point_up::point_up::+1:

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Screwed up day for me. The ladies were fed at the end of the light unfortunately. PH 6.5 @ 1000 ppm 3/4 dose of week 3 veg with 3/4 dose of voodoo juice added for the clones and solo, cal mag also. Not sure why the PPM’s were so high. Figures I put all that moisture in the tent before lights out and I see a couple fungus gnats. Looks like I will re-up on the mosquito bites and hit them with neem tomorrow night (yuck).

Calmag and AN 3/4 dose PH6.5 @1800 ppm. Did some more LST and leaf pruning. Looking to pot up next weekend. Not sure if I want 5 or 7 gallon Fabric pots. I expect to see sexy parts any day now.
The solo cup was totally wilted this morning. she perked up after the feed. I need to either start watering her more often, or just pot up and throw her in the mix with the big girls.