Banana Kush, Gorilla Glue, Sour Head strains

Well here is my Journal, hope you enjoy it. This is Veg so far, Flower coming soon. @Countryboyjvd1971 @SmoknGranny @Poseidon @Hogmaster @PurpNGold74 @whodat66 @boardsbird @elheffe702 @drillbit @latewood Feel free to tag anybody you want. Any questions go ahead and ask. Love to learn.
Self teaching myself and been growing one year now indoors, several outdoor adventures were not so good at the end. This is what works for me, 7 Gallon fabric pots, Fox Farms Ocean Forest, I elevate the bottoms so air can move under the pot. I feed on Mondays and Thursdays RO water now, and at 500 ppm starting at zero before nutes. 6.3 PH 79 F water ,

and give small amounts of Cal Mag as I see fit, most all waterings. No burn’t tips yet. I use Fox Farms Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom along with Open Sesame, Cha Ching, and Beastie Bloom. Used Sledgehammer at 4 weeks. And I do anticipate using different nutes and lights down the road for future grows to see how they work. I done spent a fortune in LED lights and going to use these ones up till they burn out then buy the quantum boards. Right now it is 1- Bestva 1000 watt, and 3- 450 watt vipras. I have a C02 bag also. Small tent has 2- 450 watt Vipras and one 1000 watt King Plus. I know that everyone has their ways of doing things and it is because you have seen many others and learned from them and put together your own grow, sometimes you can just feel the plants and what they need. Dropped seeds in Ph 6.2 450 ppm water. 30 hours later 1/4 inch long tap root. Planted tap root down in small container with Happy Frog. All three sprouted on 7/13. I like to plant them in 7 gallon fabric pots when they are 1.5 weeks old. Not doing a scrog this time, got lazy but figured do as necessary to simulate one with LST. Well hell the tent is so Big, 3 plants no way, I was in a 4 x 4 and this is like way bigger, so drop another seed, Chronic Widow. And a Girl Scout Cookie too. Growing and growing. I fimmed the Banana Kush and the Sour Head, and topped the Gorilla Glue. Banana Kush Gorilla Glue Moved the Girl Scout Cookie and Chronic Widow to the 4x4 tent. 3 plants in the 5x5. Workin her to give me more tops. 4 weeks old at this point. Gorilla Glue on right, Sour Head on left and Banana Kush in back, opened side of tent. 5 weeks old. They are six weeks old now and filling out nice, itching to flip to 12/12. Should get some nice flowers out of these thick tops. Oh and can’t forget about the Girlscout Cookie and the Chronic Widow.! 20180826_111144%5B1%5D|690x387 Fimmed the Chronic Widow and topped those fims, Only topped the Girlscout Cookie. Chronic widow is 4 weeks old as of 8/28 and the Girlscout Cookie is 3 weeks old. Good water is important. To Be Continued.


Very nice job love the set up :wink:


Nice pick of seeds to plant

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I just got another order from IGLM - Chemdawg, Skywalker, and Black Widow, all power hitters , ordered them seeds on 8/21 and received them on 8/28 fasted ever got them, this time they came out of California.


Yes , i have seen yours and it is excellent work. Thx.

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Very, very nice setup!!

And a great journal start! Detailed. Love it!!

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Oh well, figure it’s an adventure and make the most of it. Thx for your input !

" this time they came out of California" Good my last order was busted. was taking about 3 or 4 weeks to get them here

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Got up this morning and after checking out the 3 plants decided to change to 12/12. If I don’t do it now, I foresee problems ahead with growth height , I have lights averaging around 18 inches high and the 1000 watt Bestva a little higher because of the intense red/orange lumenation coming from it. I have C02 bag in tent that is in full activation and alot of light helps plants absorb the C02, is what I have read and understand. Too little light, C02 won’t have much effect.

The Chronic Widow is looking good, and the Girl Scout Cookie needs to get bigger but the are young.


“As far I know”??.? the 4th filter in your RO system (De-ionization) isn’t used for hydroponics, its a fish tank thing. May make it harder to maintain a stable PH.
Research it. “im not a grower I just play one on TV and the internet” :clown_face:


Wow, yeah usually the post mark is from Amsterdam but when I seen it was California and they came so fast, I wonder what is going on. Seeds look real healthy. I hope these pics are not a violation, but look how healthy those seeds look.

So far so good for me with ILGM. #1 in my book.


I am pretty sure it does nothing beneficial for MJ. Aquatic plants and fish benefit. I used one for my coral tanks. Hydroponics is a lot like aquaria in some aspects

Mine came from California. Took 5 days

Been letting my plants grow where they want on this grow " my last un-netted grow" I have 2 of the bestva 1200 elite’s (500 wall watt’s) and a-lil over 2000w’s of reddish COB’s for flowering (Another 500 wall watt’s)
I’m sick of LST have a 86" tent , lights pulled up as far as they can go and just letting the plants go “Im over it”
But anyway, the plants are growing within 5"-7" of the lights with zero problems. Looks like they are liking it??. I would let them grow till you see signs they are having problems with it

Buds still small with over 5 more weeks of flowering to go :clown_face:


I think they look great, bud!

Real nice, I like that. do you use any C02? My lighting will progress.

That must be a 8’ x 4’ tent?

@boardsbird @Poseidon Thx for the input, I put that pic there because I was hoping some one would chime in and say something about the 4 stage. It was cheaper that the 3 stage buddy.


I am jealous… I gotta haul 5 gallon tanks to the Aquarium store… would like to make at home