Banana Kush 10 weeks old

Hello. Here’s my first time grow autoflower Banana Kush plant. 10 weeks from seed sprout. Harvest time is 10-14 weeks. How long do you think this girl has? Also, since she’s an auto, I should NOT be trimming all the fan leaves around her, right? Seems kinda bushy. Thank you!


Seed sellers cited flowering times are just that. Flowering times - the time it takes for flower to ripen from the time flowering starts on the plant. It looks like you are maybe in the 3rd week of flowering, so you can expect that she will be ready for harvest in 5 to 7 weeks.


Welcome to the grow family. How long has she been flowering. Looks like you have several weeks yet. :blush::v:


It is ok to remove large fan leaves especially late in flower. It is best to tuck them under if possible but if they are blocking light from bud sites they can be removed. Less is best though, never more than 20% total vegetation.


Ahhhh…I did not know how that worked. Thank you very much!!! So now I’ll know that when they say 10 weeks flower to harvest, that means 10 weeks of flowering stage, which seemed to take place at about week 2/3.

Incredible. I learn something new here everyday! Thank you again.

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Looks like about three weeks.