Backyard Blueberry Grow (HUGE MONSTER!)

Wanted to share my ILGM experience and show you my MONSTER in the backyard :stuck_out_tongue: I ordered 3 blueberries in February and started in March. I had one seed that did not germ (own fault) but it was cool, I e-mailed Claire and they sent me replacements ASAP! Those germinated great (I followed instructions :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I gave those plants away. Check out the one I kept!

There used to be a bird coup where the plant (and veggies) are growing. Apparently bird shit is great for marijuana! The weather is turning bad though and I’m hoping for one or two more weeks of sun before I can hang this bad boy upside down.

Let me know what you think!

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:


:lol: wish I could grow outside!

Absolutely beautiful 8-O

:smiley: Nothing like a nice backyard grow. Awesome plants and Pics.

Wow … she’s gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pictures. I’ve got two going in the ground this year and the rest in pots. Sure hope the ones in the ground look like yours!

I wonder how much this plant gave of rewards …very plenty !!!

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Awesome plant :heart_eyes: I just had a question about nutes and water. Did you use pH water or let the natural water feed it. What type of nutes did you use? Great grow ! ! I was thinking about trying an outdoor grow in Texas but it gets to 100+ degrees in the summer.

nature did most of it! As I said before, the bird shit did wonders. I also got some good soil from the grow shop, pro mix. No pH-ing whatso ever! No nutes (apart from whats in the soil and the bird shit in the ground).

sadly, the plant was drying at a friends place and the cops came and took everything…

Wow 9 months , so close but yet so far away …the life of a grower huh ?

haha, thats how the cookie crumbles my friend

I’m imagining what it could of been , besides taste …damn brittle sugar cookies !!!

Might have to get me a bird house to collect some ammonia nitrate bird poop !!!

Epic … that’s heartbreaking they took your plant away. I’m growing outside and really concerned about security. Do you know why the cops went to your friend’s house? Were they tipped off or was it an accidental find from something else?
MT1 :cry:

Wow awesome grow mate. Did you have much smell at the end?

Beautiful, sweet, smell…

That’s unfortunate to hear. Looks like she was a beast though! I’m surprised your neighbors don’t mind the smell.

that plant sure did move alot